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GSR8 Series AC Output Solid State Relays


-Rating of15A,25A,40A,60A
-Output voltage of 24-480VAC and 24-600VAC
-Control voltage of 4-32VDC and 90-280VAC
-Zero Crossing or Random-on Switching
-Integrated IP20 touch-safe removable covers
-LED input status indicator.
-Integrated Heatsink
-DIN Rail and Panel Mount

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Cortrol VoltageOutput
  Rated operational current
15Amps 25Amps40Amps60Amps
4 to 32VDC480VAC”Z”GDR8-15DA48Z GDR8-25DA48ZGDR8-40DA48ZGDR8-60DA48Z
4 to 32VDC480VAC“R”GDR8-15DA48R GDR8-25DA48RGDR8-40DA48RGDR8-60DA48R
90 to 280VAC480VAC”Z”GDR8-15AA48Z GDR8-25AA48ZGDR8-40AA48ZGDR8-60AA48Z
90 to 280VAC480VAC”R”GDR8-15AA48R GDR8-25AA48RGDR8-40AA48RGDR8-60AA48R
4 to 32VDC600VAC”Z”GDR8-15DA60Z GDR8-25DA60ZGDR8-40DA60ZGDR8-60DA60Z
4 to 32VDC600VAC”R”GDR8-15DA60R GDR8-25DA60RGDR8-40DA60RGDR8-60DA60R
90 to 280VAC600VAC”Z”GDR8-15AA60Z GDR8-25AA6OZGDR8-40AA60ZGDR8-60AA60Z
90 to 280VAC600VAC”R”GDR8-15AA60R GDR8-25AA60RGDR8-40AA6ORGDR8-60AA60R

Input Specifications

DescriptionSpecification Limits
Control Voltage Range4-32VDC90-280VAC
Maximum Reverse Voltage-6VDC/
Minimum Turn-On Voltage4VDC90VAC
Must Turn-Off Voltage1V10VAC
Minimum Input Current [for on-state]10mA6.5mA
Maximum Input Current [mA]20mA18mA
Maximum Turn-On Time [msec]1/2 Cycle1/2 Cycle
Maximum Turn-Off Time [msec]1/2 Cycle1/2 Cycle

Output Specifications

DescriptionUnitsSpecification Limits
Model No.GSR Amp15254060
Load Current RangeArms0.05-150.05-250.05-400.1-60
Surge Current 10mSec[Max.]Arms150250400600
Load Voltage Range [480V]Vrms24-480
Transient Overvoltage [480V] Vpk800
Load Voltage Range [600V]Vrms24-600
Transient Overvoltage [600V] Vpk1200
Operating Frequency RangeHz47~63
Off State dv/dt [min.]V/μs200200200500
Off State Leakage Current [Max.]mA≤8
On State Voltage Drop [Max.]Vrms1.
Turn On Time [Max.]”Zero-crossing”Cycle1/2
Turn On Time [Max.]”Random-on”mSec1
Turn-off Time [DC input]Cycle1/2
Turn-off Time [AC input]mSec10


GSR8 Dimensions

GSR8 thermal derating curve

GSR8 wiring diagram

Dielectric Strength,Input to Output [50/60 Hz]2500 Vrms
Dielectric Strength,Input/Output to Base [50/60 Hz2500 Vrms
Minimum Insulation Resistance [@500 VDC]10⁹Ω
Maximum Capacitance,Input/Output0.8 pF
Ambient Operating Temperature Range  -30 to 80 ℃
Ambient Storage Temperature Range -30 to 100 ℃
Humidity per IEC60068-2-7895 %
LED Input Status IndicatorRed
Housing Material PBT+30%GF
Baseplate Material Pure copper/Alumina
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