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Voltage Monitoring Relay

As a leading voltage monitoring relay supplier in the industry, GEYA produces top-notch devices with advanced innovation to coup with customers’ desired specifications. Our voltage monitoring relays are now commonly seen in small and big electrical projects worldwide.
10 Million Times+ Testing
Customize Your Voltage Monitoring Relay System

GEYA Voltage Monitoring Relay

Worldclass Voltage Monitoring Device

GEYA has been in voltage monitoring relay manufacturing for over 15 years. With our expertise and experience, we produce the best quality products. Our voltage monitoring relay has been used and trusted by anyone around the globe, making it the best voltage monitoring relay on the market. GEYA also invests with advanced machinery to continually innovate our product processing to maintain the qualities that our customers loved and trusted throughout the years.

Why GEYA Voltage Monitoring Device

GEYA voltage monitoring relays series are designed into two display systems either sin3 phase display voltage monitoring relay single-phase or three-phase system. Our DC voltage monitoring relays are designed to protect and load un-allowance voltage variations while monitoring voltages and all our voltage monitoring relays have a wide range of adjustments that include power on time delay for refrigerating, compressors, air conditioning units and etc.

Safe and Reliable

GEYA voltage monitoring relay has evaluating occurrence range of 45Hz to 65Hz and voltage measurement accuracy <1%.

Indicators Compatibility

Our voltage monitoring relay has LED lights as indicators this also served as relay position mark it also has component and DIN rail escalating.

Endurable Functions

GEYA voltage monitoring relays have true RMS measurement and have an 8-level rated voltage functioning knob.

Best Voltage Monitoring Relay Supplier

Our voltage monitoring relays guarantees trouble-free and cost-effective results for all electrical application. GEYA as the best voltage monitoring relay supplier in the market commits to its continuous innovation to meet even the customer’s critical specifications.

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