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By incorporating the latest power management technologies into our products, GEYA aims to fully utilise power supply management technologies and services to improve life quality and the environment. That is by providing the best PV Combiner Box in the market.

GEYA can supply high-quality combined solar power products, including solar combiner boxes, solar inverters, and solar panels. Our entire system is intelligent and connecting between the combiner box function, style and advanced technique into one of the most advanced competent life quality services of its kind.

Our company’s vision is to provide competitive products and services in home automation, industrial automation, and energy management.

GEYA Featured Solar Combiner Box

Solar Combiner Boxes GEYA is the low-loss power distribution system. It can solve the problems of AC/DC conversion, reliable connection reliability, loose connections, and fast installation.

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All Types GEYA
Solar Combiner Box

GEYA Solar Combiner Boxes

Solar Combiner Boxes GEYA is the low-loss power distribution system. It can solve the problems of AC/DC conversion, reliable connection reliability, loose connections, and fast installation. The system makes multiple DC strings integrated into one or more strings to enable DC power tools. That is due to sharing the same high voltage power source via a unique charge controller or converter. The patented technology can preserve electric power to decrease unnecessary losses during power distribution.

Solar Combiner Box Connections

solar combiner box is similar to a junction box, an electrical enclosure securely connecting several wires and cables via different entrance points. A user can easily plug the cables from the panels into the box with a mating solar connectorIt is the best way to bring all of a user’s outdoor electrical and energy-producing assets into one place, instead of individually connected by extension cords or complex wiring, which can be unsafe and unhygienic. A great way also is to track how much power a user is putting into their solar system, especially when using multiple solar panels. It is a convenient and effective solution to protect wires and cables during installation in a user’s solar panels. Installers can now protect cables instead of just protecting monitoring equipment.

Although a junction box and a combiner box perform the same function (connecting wires, cables, switches, and other electrical devices), these two devices have entirely different styles. The best combiner box can take inspiration from the sleek style of a junction box while still retaining its rugged functionality. In addition to this aesthetic choice, a combiner box is straightforward to install as long as connected cables are the same type of cable. If a user has many cables of different sizes and types, a standard junction box will be a much more complicated investment. That is why GEYA solar combiner boxes come in handy to fulfil all the users’ technical requirements and needs.

The Solar Combiner Box & PV Modules

The solar combiner boxes combine the output of multiple strings of PV modules for connection to the inverter. PV systems are notoriously finicky to tune at times, challenging for DIY electrical solar installers. The Solar Combiner box is a critical piece to the solar project electrical system. Each string of modules needs to be connected, and this combiner box does just that. It accepts several strings of PV modules and combines their outputs into one…fine. What a user could do with it though is convert the combiner box outputs into DC household current, allowing for use in Power Load Tap systems (PLTs).

Strings Configurations

Generally, they house the input overcurrent protection fuse assemblies for multiple strings. The number of strings used might range from three to 52. For example, in an 18/5 string configuration, with 52 strings per string section, one might think that all the devices will be affected at the same time when the overcurrent protection fuse assembly fails. That will not be the case because each string section can have its overcurrent protection fuse assembly. If there are 18 strings per string section, a single failure in a particular string section will not impact the entire chain, even if a user doesn’t want to combine them with another circuit breakers set.

Solar Combiner Box Components

A solar combiner box can also house several other components such as string monitoring hardware, surge protective devices, and DC Breakers disconnects. That can significantly help users save on material costs and easy installation if they are worried about the cost of wiring their system. A user can use this small device to house these components and many others that will serve their solar array and solar panel well. To choose the best solar combiner box, a user must first understand the task site and difficulty level. 

The sun’s energy is inexhaustible and environmentally friendly. It can replace numerous non-renewable energy sources and provide power for humankind for hundreds of years. Solar Panel is the core of the solar power system, but it has a weak point that is not easy to absorb. The sunny day is inadequate, and the nighttime power output is also insufficient. To sum up, the solar combiner box can solve these problems, which significantly improve the overall efficiency of the solar power system.

GEYA provides a wide range of solar combiner boxes to match different purposes for homeowners and businesses, commercial and residential applications. The combiner boxes offer a safe and reliable connection of photovoltaic system modules to different DC loads, including DC disconnects, DC load centres, charge controllers, and other DC power electronics. GEYA solar combiner box includes 1/2/4/6/8/12/16 string on/off-grid combiner box.

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At GEYA, we recognise the need of keeping all devices secure while still keeping your organisation competitive. GEYA products are CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV, and ROSH certified, with over ten years of expertise.


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