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Level Control Relay

GEYA was one of the leading level control relay manufacturer in the industry. With over 15 years of expertise GEYA’s water level relay never let down our customers experience and decision in using it.
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GEYA Made Level Control Relay

Market's Best Level Control Relay

GEYA has been in the liquid level relay manufacturing industry for over a decade. With the most advanced technology and innovative build-up we make in our level relays, we come up to be the most trusted level control relay brand in the market.

Why Choose GEYA Liquid Level Control Relay

Our level control relays are well-built regulators for conductive liquids that keep liquids within the limits between maximum and minimum levels in ensuring the best protection for submerged pumps against dry running.
Our level relays are designed for monitoring levels in wells, basins, reservoirs, tanks, and so on. With GEYA’s product development and top-notch production processes, we can produce this state-of-the-art product that we all know will never fail to serve its main function.

Two-Level Control Mode

GEYA liquid level relay has a two-level control mode where you can choose the function between Pump UP, Pump Down, and has adjustable time delay on the output up to 10s.

Adjustable Panel

Our water level relay has a sensitivity adjustable panel by a potentiometer from 5 to 100kΩ and a galvanically separated supply voltage AC>DC from 24 to 240V.

Status Indicator

Our GEYA liquid level relay has a relay status indicator that can be determined by LED colors and have 1 module and DIN rail mounting.

Most Trusted Level Control Relay Supplier

GEYA is a dominant intermediate relay within the industry, advertising a board determination of circuit product items to choose from. With around 15 eras, we are experts within the electric industry and can give you the finest items and exhortation.

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