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Magnetic Proximity Sensor

GEYA is a manufacturer of different proximity sensor ranges for the automotive, mobile or process equipment, material handling, packaging, food and beverage, and machine or plant engineering sectors. There are magnetic, capacitive, and inductive field sensors available. Inductive sensors come in a variety of shapes, including cylinders, rectangles, slots, rings, and double sensors. 

Best Proximity Sensor Manufacturer

OEM or ODM projects are completely welcomed, and the firm is actively working on such projects with several well-known multinational corporations. We are also experts in the design and manufacture of proximity sensors in the industry.

Why Choose GEYA Proximity Sensor Supplier

As the producer of inductive proximity switches, we have been continually inventing and launching many innovative products in recent years, such as capacitive proximity switches, photoelectric switches, light screen sensors, and so on. However, GEYA’s primary product, the inductive proximity switch, accounts for 60% of our yearly sales. We want to be a solution provider in the field of automation.

inspection range

The GEYA proximity sensors have an inspection range in which it detects the stop, start, and pass positions of elevators and lifting equipment; the position of vehicles to prevent two objects from colliding; the set position of working machinery, the limit position of moving machinery or parts.

High Reaction Frequency

Because of its exceptionally high repeatability, it is appropriate for precise object positioning. Due to its high reaction frequency, stable detection is achievable even for quickly moving objects.

Information Transmission

Information transmission-the ASI (bus) links sensors located throughout the proximity sensor to communicate data back and forth in the manufacturing line (50-100 meters), etc.

Your Reliable Proximity Sensor Expert

At that time there were only three workers, but we were already working on an inductive proximity switch, a photoelectric switch. We also launched our brand, “GEYA.” We have become an excellent inductive proximity sensor supplier after years of keen research.

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