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Miniature Circuit Breaker

GEYA Miniature Circuit Breaker is one of the most trusted overcurrent protective devices in the electrical devices market. With its overload and short circuit protection, and quick supply restoration for over a million electrical power projects worldwide, it is used and trusted by everyone.

10 Million Times+ Testing
Customize Your Miniature Circuit Breaker System


Best Miniature Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

GEYA continuously innovates and enhances our micro circuit breaker production to maintain the title of being one of the MCB providers. With our mini circuit breaker you can ensure electrical safety in your homes, offices, and other buildings as well as industrial applications by protecting electrical installations against overloads and short circuits.

Why GEYA Miniature Circuit Breakers

GEYA micro circuit breaker is switchgear that automatically switches off the electrical circuits to prevent damage to wires and avoid the risks of fire. Warranting reliability and safety for you and your assets. With GEYA’s compact pro system we are able to offer a wide range and complete MCB applications.

Wide Range Application

GEYA Miniature Circuit Breakers have an extra wide and complete range of MCBs to cover most applications and markets. We have Type A MCB, Type B MCB, Type C MCB, Type D MCB, Type K MCB, and Type Z MCB.

Top-notch Features

Our GEYA Miniature circuit breaker is a thermal magnetic breaker type compact design, it is space and time-saving because of its bottom fixing auxiliary contact. GEYA miniature circuit breakers are also equipped with two tripping mechanisms for a delayed thermal mechanism for overload protection and a magnetic tripping mechanism for short circuit protection.

Quality Assured MCBs

GEYA Products like miniature circuit breakers are all compliant with international and industry standards. Certified by all organizations in all electrical sectors and given the highest satisfactory rate in the electrical devices market.

Your MINI Circuit Break Expert

GEYA has been in the industry for 20 years providing quality small circuit breakers compatible with all electrical applications. Our experience and expertise in this field make us one of the best MCB suppliers in the market.

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