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VSR8 Series Single Phase Solid State Relay

1.Rating of 15A,25A,40A,60A,80A,100A and 120A.
2.Output voltage of 24-280VAC, 24-480VAC and 48-660VAC
3.Control votage of 3-32VDC and 90-280VAC.
4.Zero Crossing or Random-on Switching.
5.Integrated IP20 touch-safe removable covers.
6.Dielectric Strength 4000VACrms
7.LED input status indicator.

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General Notes

1.Relay must be mounted to proper sized heat sink based on thermal curves. Thermal grease or a thermal pad must be usedbetween relay and heat sink and be torqued down to 11-16 /1.2-1.8in-lb/Nm.

2. When connection wiring to SSR, please ensure screws are torqued down properly [input 11-18 /1.2-2.0in/|b/Nm,output18-26/2-3 in-lb/Nm].

3.SSR’s carrying load capacity is related to the operation ambient temperature and heat dissipation condition, please referto the Thermal Derating Curve for derating.


1.The product’s side panels may be hot, allow the product to cool before touching.

2. Disconnect all power before installing or working with this equipment.

3.Verify all connections and replace all covers before turning on power.


Product Selection

Item No. Current Control Voltage Output Voltage
Single phase DC controlled AC (DC to Ac)
VSR8-10DA48Z-VSR8-120DA48Z 10A-120A 3-32VDC 24-480VAC
VSR8-10DA66Z-VSR8-120DA66Z 10A-120A 4-32VDC 48-660VAC
Single phase AC controlled AC (AC to Ac)
VSR8-10AA48Z-VSR8-120AA48Z 10A-120A 90-280VAC 48-480VAC
VSR8-10AA66Z-VSR8-120AA66Z 10A-120A 40-265VAC 48-660VAC
AC solid state Pressure regulator AVP Serie
AVP10GV24/38-AVP120GV24/38 10A-120A 4-20ma 0-240V/380V
Single-phase DC controlled DC(DC to DC)
VDR8-10DD08-VDR8-140DD08 10A-140A 3-32VDC 0-80VDC
VDR8-10DD25-VDR8-140DD25 10A-140A 3-32VDC 0-250VDC
VDR8-10DD60-VDR8-120DD60 10A-120A 3-32VDC 0-600VDC
VDR8-10DD120-VDR8-120DD120 10A-120A 3-32VDC 0-1200VDC
VSR-1 For 10A-40A
VSR-6 For 10A-40A
VSR-7 For 60A-80A
VSR-8 For 100A-120A
With heast sink SSR(AC to DC)
GSR8-15DA48Z-GSR8-60DA48Z 15A-60A 4-32VDC 24-480VAC
GSR8-15DA60Z-GSR8-60DA60Z 15A-60A 4-32VDC 48-600VAC
With heast sink SSR(AC to AC)
GSR8-15AA48Z-GSR8-60AA48Z 15A-60A 90-280VAC 24-480VAC
GSR8-15AA60Z-GSR8-60AA60Z 15A-60A 90-280VAC 48-600VAC

Description 15A 25A 40A 60A 80A 100A 120A
Dielectric Strength, Input to Output [50/60 Hz] 4000Vrms
Dielectric Strength, Input/Output to Base [50/60 Hz] 2500Vrms
Minimum Insulation Resistance [@ 500 VDC] 10⁹Ω
Maximum Capacitance, Input/Output 0.8pF
Ambient Operating Temperature Range -30to80℃
Ambient Storage Temperature Range -30to100℃
Input Terminal Screw Torque Range [in-Ib/Nm] 11-18/1.2-2.0
Load Terminal Screw Torque Range [in-Ib/Nm] 18-26/2-3
SSR Mounting Screw Torque Range [in-Ib/Nm] 11-16/1.2-1.8
Humidity per IEC60068-2-78 95%
LED Input Status Indicator Red
Housing Material PBT+30%GF
Baseplate Material Purecopper
Weight 145g

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