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Latching Relay

GEYA is one of the leading latching relay brands in the market. We produce only the best quality bistable relays  which are usually used in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical projects around the globe.

10 Million Times+ Testing
Customize Your Electrical Equipment

GEYA Made Latching Relay

Best Laching Relay Manufacturer

As the best latching relay manufacturer, we make sure our latching relays served their purpose when used. We manage to innovate normal relays into best functioning and reliable bistable relay with our team of experts and advanced technology.

Why Choose GEYA Latching Relay

GEYA latching relays are the best control device to choose to operate impulse control signals. Our bistable relay could be operated manually or remotely from several control points or by impulses. GEYA latching relays are best to use in controlling lighting circuits with multiple control points.

Lighting Through Push Buttons

GEYA bistable relay saves crossbar switches, it can control lighting through push buttons instead of a combination of crossbar or three-way switches.

Saves Energy

GEYA Latching Relay saves energy. When the remote control is needed the impulse relay is the equipment with the lowest self-consumption.

Higher Comfort of Control

Our latching relays save conductors and bring higher comfort of control.

Your Latching Relay Expert

Our latching relay product is very a low-cost device. From its functionality and advantages are given, GEYA latching relay surely will make every user give a positive response.

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