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Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

GEYA is the world’s largest firm devoted to industrial automation and information. Our motor protection circuit breaker are known for their quality all over the world. 

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Our motor protection circuit breakers offer both short-circuit and overload protection for specific motor loads and are available in a variety of motor sizes and installation configurations. They may be used in conjunction with our NEMA and IEC contactors as well as solid-state motor controllers.

Best MPCB Manufacturer

GEYA provides a range of motor protection circuit breakers to safeguard various connected electric systems and lines. Our success is fueled by our sharp focus on technological innovation, domain expertise, honesty, and corporate responsibility.

Why Choose GEYA Motor Protection Circuit Breaker Supplier

Our standard motor protection circuit breakers come with either an electromagnetic tripping mechanism, which must be specified during the purchasing process and cannot be retrofitted, or an adjustable, phase-sensitive thermal overcurrent release mechanism.

Thermal Overload Protection

Magnetic short-circuit and thermal overload protection are provided by our GEYA motor protection circuit breakers up to 32 A. Our motor protection circuit breakers contain switches that may be fitted onto 35 mm DIN Rail either vertically or horizontally.

Against Short Circuits

GEYA’s motor protection circuit breaker may offer a motor branch circuit disconnect, branch-circuit and short-circuit magnetic protection, and manual switching. Without the use of a fuse, our motor protection circuit breaker safely guards against short circuits, overloads, and phase failures.

Easy Use

To satisfy your specific requirements, we provide devices rated from 25 to 150 A. Installation and wiring are simplified by our factory-installed internal accessories for easy use.

Your Reliable Motor Protection Circuit Breaker Expert

Our strategy begins with a thorough knowledge of your most productive possibilities. Following that, we use our distinct technology and subject experience to produce the good business outcomes that are most essential to you. Based on its intended application and reputation as the top motor protection circuit breaker company in the world, all products are examined for quality and dependability before release.

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