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Current Monitoring Relay

GEYA produces top-notch current monitoring relays in the market, which serve as the heat monitoring device for over a million electrical projects around the globe. Our current monitoring relay has a high-quality material approved and tested by our customers globally. GEYA has been in electric and automation equipment manufacturing for over 15 years. Given these years of rich experience and expertise, we can produce products like the current monitoring relay in line with international and industry standards.
10 Million Times+ Testing
Customize Your Current Monitoring Relay

GEYA Made Current Monitoring Relay

GEYA Current Monitoring Relay

GEYA’s current monitoring relay was used by over a million residential, commercial, and industrial projects globally. To ensure its quality, every unit undergoes a series of tests for quality assurance before releasing it to the market. By continually doing this we can provide only the best for our customers.

Why Our Current Monitoring Relay

GEYA current monitoring device is a solid-state relay with SPDT silver cadmium oxide contact and quick-connect terminals. It has automatic and manual control and an LED relay status indicator. Our units are suitable for industrial, automation, and process control.

Good Quality Functions

GEYA's current monitoring relay has an internal shunt for current measuring. It has programmable latching that inhibits set levels for mounting DIN-rail by DIN/EN.

Convenient Tool Set

Our current monitoring relay has a complete current solution that mounts directly to a DIN rail. This feature allows the user to monitor the current of one circuit and switch to another circuit in case of faults.

Durability and Reliability

GEYA current monitoring relay has an LED indicator, a green LED when power is applied to the terminals, and a red LED that blinks during a time-out and is ON when the output is energized.

Your Current Monitoring Device Expert

GEYA has been in this industry for over 15 years, with this expertise in the said field we are able to produce top-notch products like the current monitoring relay. We make sure every device we produce undergoes to series of tests for quality assurance in line with international and industry standards. With this, we are able to maintain and continually achieve the spot of being the number one current monitoring relay provider in the market.

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