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Mechanical Timer Switch

GEYA mechanical timer switch been in the market for over 15 years, making it one of the most trusted mechanical timer switch in the market. Our product was use all over the world by small and big electrical contractors.

10 Million Times+ Testing
Customize Your Electrical Equipment

GEYA Made Mechanical Timer Switch

World-Class Mechanical Timer Switch

Our mechanical timer  was used by over a million households and industrial projects globally. We ensure to retain all our customers by providing them with the best product and service.

Why Choose GEYA Timer Switch

Mechanical timer switch is also known as an automatic light switch timer. Our mechanical timer  is a technical time tracker. It is very easy to use and you can set specific times as access control or other devices used in setting a timer.
As a world-class mechanical timer supplier, GEYA commits to producing only quality products for the market. We maintain our product quality by ensuring every unit we produce undergoes to series of quality assurance tests in compliance with international and industry standards.

Easy to Install

Our GEYA mechanical timer switch is very easy to install and its reliability is very high and has a very good effect on the home environment.

Heavy Electrical Loads

Our mechanical timer can withstand heavy electrical loads and designed with large metal boxes.

Absolutely Durable

GEYA mechanical timer switch is very durable and absolutely will last long making your investment worthwhile.

Best Mechanical Timer Switch Supplier

GEYA as best mechanical timer switch supplier is producing only quality products. We in GEYA continue to explore and develop other functionality and special feature for our products. By knowing the current state of usage of mechanical time switch and the feedback from our customer.

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