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Electrical Power Meter Box

GEYA is a manufacturer of power meters on demand. The 50 MHz reference oscillator, portability, diode-based power sensor, three readings per second, inbuilt rechargeable batteries, and battery charger are all aspects of digital power meter. Battery life runs for more than 12 hours and takes 4.5 hours to charge. 

Best Digital Power Meter Manufacturer

We have always been devoted to satisfying customers’ demands for electric equipment, including power meters with the greatest quality service and after-sales support, developing, inventing, and re-creating ideas into market-leading goods and services.

Why Choose GEYA Power Meter Supplier

GEYA has been committed to the electrical industry since its inception. GEYA specializes in smart energy power meters and centralized metering management solutions, with industrial experience in Energy Connectivity and Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things, and expands the role of talents as the key production force. GEYA follows an internationalization growth strategy to be a complete and worldwide provider of smart power distribution equipment and solutions.

High Accuracy

GEYA digital energy meter have a small size, high accuracy, high dependability, and ease of installation. They are typically utilized for projects involving system integration, wireline modification, and installations with limited or awkward installation areas.

Trackable Data

GEYA's digital energy meter may also be expanded to include a 2-way digital input and a 2-way relay output, as well as a 4-way temperature measurement and a 1-way residual current measurement. Our power meter plug may track your appliances' minimum and maximum power (W), cumulative days, etc.

High Performance

The three model lines of GEYA power meters are built on characteristics that are simple to use and high performance. AC and DC digital power meters are used to measure, monitor energy conservation, and perform preventive maintenance on all electric power networks.

Your Reliable Energy Meter Expert

GEYA is a high-tech manufacturing facility that combines R&D, production, and sales. We use the latest software and equipment in manufacturing our power meters. Our principal products, including power meters, are self-developed smart monitoring devices, communication gateways, and software platforms.

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