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Twilight Switch

As a leading twilight switch provider in the electrical industry, GEYA commits to producing only quality twilight relays. Our twilight switches were modified and improved in accordance with customers’ needs and specifications. And to ensure quality, GEYA complies with international and industry standards.

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Best Twilight Switch in the Market

GEYA twilight relay was being used by over a million households and industrial projects around the globe. With our commitment and values, we ensure to maintain the quality twilight switches they are patronizing.

Why Choose GEYA Twilight Relay

GEYA twilight switches allow significantly reduce energy consumption and use in external applications like the garden, parking lots, courtyards, entrances and etc. Our twilight switches have a preset at 10 lux from factory designed in IP65 protection and also save space for it has 1 module width.

Level of Ambient Intensity

Our twilight switch has the level of ambient intensity where the external sensor and output switch are monitored according to the set level of the device it also has 1 module and DIN rail mounting.aintenance.

Additional Control

Our GEYA twilight switch control input for additional control has a universal supply AC 110V to 240V and has a relay status indicator by LED

Control Lights

GEYA twilight switch serves to control lights on the basis of ambient light intensity.

Best Twilight Switch Brand

Our twilight switch was known for its functionality and distinct features provided and innovated by GEYA. As one of the best twilights switch brands now in the market we commit to maintaining this kind of service to all of our customers by just continuesly providing the best quality products and service.

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