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GEYA is a top-notch ELCB manufacturer, Our Earth-leakage circuit breakers are widely used in power distribution and transmission, as well as in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. All series’ ELCB products have undergone stringent environmental and electrical testing.
10 Million Times+ Testing
Customize Your Electrical Equipment

GEYA Made Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

We are devoted to innovating for the greatest customer experience in a tough market. Upgraded from OEM & ODM to OPM service to suit every customer’s need while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Best ELCB Manufacturer

GEYA is a ELCB manufacturer with a strong emphasis on quality. Our objective is to provide our clients with not just the greatest products, but also the best service and support. We strive to be the preferred switchgear supplier for utilities, industries, and other organizations that require high-quality goods and services.

Why Choose GEYA ELCB Supplier

As an experienced earth leakage circuit breaker provider, we understand the need for dependability when it comes to electric fuses, breakers, and related hardware. As a result, we ensure that they are designed and manufactured using industry-leading technology embedded with the standard ELCB device working principle.
1GYL9 Type B Earth Leakage Circuit BreakerELCB

Greater Performance

Our new earth leakage Circuit breaker series from GEYA features greater performance and a compact design that is ideal for semiconductor equipment. Our series of ELCBs are cost-effective and easy to use.

Stop Leaks

The ELCB breakers from GEYA are well-suited for AC 50/60Hz, have rated voltages of single pole two wires, two poles of 230V, three poles of 400V, and rated currents of up to 63A. Our ELCB functions offer features to stop leaks, including an electric water heater leakage switch and flame retardant material.

Effective Protection

Our ELCB breaker is merged with high-tech products from around the world and includes effective protection features including overload, short circuit, residual leakage current action, current limit, etc.

Your Reliable Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Expert

GEYA always uses innovative manufacturing equipment and accurate testing tools, providing a firm assurance for the company’s product manufacture and quality control. All series’ products have undergone stringent environmental and electrical testing. At the same time, we received accreditation for the ISO9001 quality management system and the ISO14001 environmental management system.

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