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Waterproof Cable Gland Connector

GEYA is a manufacturer of waterproof cable glands for the wastewater, power, chemical, offshore, and marine industries. There are both stainless steel and brass glands available. GEYA also offers IP68 cable gland with high impact resistance. Metal barrier glands are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and keep explosions from leaving the flameproof casing. suitable for dangerous environments.

Best Watertight Cable Gland Manufacturer

GEYA makes waterproof, weatherproof unique/distinctive features cable glands for all industrial and hazardous environments per specific designs, as well as flameproof, explosion-proof cable glands function. GEYA uses unrivaled and cutting-edge technologies to ensure flawless performance and on-time delivery.

Why Choose GEYA Cable Gland Supplier

GEYA has been a leading supplier of waterproof cable glands and cable accessories in the country. We offer waterproof cable glands in several materials, including natural brass, nickel-plated brass, stainless steel 316L, stainless steel 304, and aluminum. One-stop-shop for indoor and outdoor installations with safety.

IP68 Waterproof

GEYA waterproof gland function typically has IP68 waterproofing, which means they can withstand immersion in water one meter or deeper. In addition to a wide selection of clamping cables, the waterproof cable gland has a rubber component and a clamping die that encourages toughness and a long lifespan of unquestionable dependability.

High-Quality Materials

GEYA’s waterproof cable gland is made of acid, alkali, alcohol, and heat resistant high quality nylon PA66. Our waterproof cable gland has several uses, and you may use them for a variety of electrical projects like mending cables, creating machinery control boxes, and creating electrical appliances.

Strict Sealing Technology

GEYA C type waterproof cable glands have strict sealing technology, high sealing performance, no water leaking, and corrosion resistance. Warranty coverage for pre-terminated cables is provided by our waterproof cable glands.

Your Reliable Waterproof Glands Expert

GEYA is a customer-first expert company that offers top-notch products including metal cables, ip67 cable gland, nylon cable glands, marine stuffing, hose fittings, explosion-proof fittings, hoses, and so on. The firm uses automatic production equipment, strong technical force, and has a professional Health Production and management. Additionally, we create waterproof cable glands in unique sizes and configurations. We follow a strict quality process because GEYA engineers assist each client in selecting the best materials based on the project application. Please get in touch with us if you need economical and customized equipment.

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