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Arc Fault Detection Device

GEYA is a manufacturer of arc and ground fault detectors, timing devices, diagnostic tools, and information solutions for power, control, and information. Our arc fault detection device working principle provides a thorough defense against fires started by arc faults.

GEYA Made Arc Fault Detection Device

Best AFDD Devices Manufacturer

The device detects arc faults and automatically trips to help prevent electrical fires through continuous electronic cable monitoring. It also neatly does away with the requirement for three different protection gadgets.

Why Choose GEYA Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter

The GEYA arc fault detection device is the first device to include an integrated tiny circuit breaker MCB in single modular width (instead of the previous 2 MW). GEYA offers arc fault detection device prices based on their size and types.

Space-Saving Installation

The GEYA arc fault detection device has a thin form that provides for a particularly space-saving installation. This reduces half the area required for new electrical installations as compared to installing two separate devices.

Extremely Tiny

GEYA’s new arc fault detection device is extremely tiny, making it appropriate for both new constructions and retrofitting into existing structures. A standard-compliant enlargement of the electrical infrastructure to guard against electric fires is feasible at any time.

Short-Circuit Protection

GEYA’s arc fault detection device has overvoltage, overload, and short-circuit protection for appliances and circuits (with an inbuilt Miniature circuit breaker). Our arc fault detection device's working principle is to analyze the electricity's waveform using microprocessor technology to look for any unique characteristics that would indicate an arc on the circuit.

Your Reliable AFDD Experts

Each consumer has unique demands and wishes that must be met. With GEYA’s extensive industry expertise, we can provide you with the greatest and most relevant goods, services, and solutions that can be used successfully and efficiently in your market. Our digital solutions, most notably AFDDs, complement our vast electrification and automation portfolio and provide long-term dependability for your investments.

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