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GEYA is one of the excellent manufacturers of RCBO. The manufacture of RCBOs necessitates highly specialized skills. RCBO circuit breaker meaning stands for residual current operated circuit breaker with overcurrent protection in which circuit breaker is made up of various components, all of which must precisely follow the original concept for the final assembly to work and provide crucial protection.

Best RCBO Manufacturer

GEYA’s primary business has evolved over the years, beginning with the creation of flush series and plugs for household use and progressing to developing and manufacturing modular protection devices such as MCBs, RCCBs, and RCBOs for several years. The objective is to meet the growing need for increased safety in more complex applications.

Why GEYA Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker

Quality emerges in GEYA’s RCBO production process from accurate tests performed on 100% of the products, from the strict traceability system, from the planning of detailed type test programs, from the attention to continuous improvement imposed by the constant evolution of regulations, and from the application of new technologies

Conductor Connection

GEYA’s residual current operated circuit breaker has a clear and visible conductor connection in front of the rear busbar that makes controlling it easier. The AC, A, B, and AP-R forms of residual current protection are all supported by RCBO.

Easily Accessible

GEYA’s RCBO has a large and easily accessible wire area that allows for simple conductor insertion into terminals. Our RCBO breaker function well with single-phase and three-phase electrical grids with rated residual current ranging from 10 to 500 mA.

Dependable Operation

GEYA RCBO breaker functions surge current resist capability of more than 1 kA and assure safe and dependable operation. It also features a range of breaking capacities that are appropriate for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Your Reliable Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker Expert

GEYA’s quality strategy is seen in totally trustworthy goods and rapid and flexible service provided to customers. To accomplish and maintain this goal, we follow a quality management system that follows and expands on the standards of ISO 9000, with a strong focus on precise incoming controls, 100% production testing, and product traceability. Italclem has been ISO 9000 certified for many years, and the certificate has just been upgraded to reflect the ISO 9000:2015 edition.

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