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DC Contactor

GEYA produces sealed and general-use DC contactors. For the sealed DC contactors, GEYA focuses primarily on low voltage, which is defined as less than 200VDC. For electric vehicles like golf carts, forklifts, pallet jacks, UTVs, mowers, and snow blowers, these DC contactors are appropriate.

10 Million Times+ Testing
Customize Your Electrical Equipment

GEYA Made DC Contactors

We are devoted to innovating for the greatest customer experience in a tough market. Upgraded from OEM & ODM to OPM service to suit every customer’s need while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Best DC Contactor Manufacturer

To lead whatever industry we choose to do business in, GEYA 24V DC contactor manufacturer enhances manufacturing operations via our range of products, best-in-class technical and engineering knowledge, and exceptional customer service.

Why Choose GEYA DC Contactor Supplier

We have the lowest contactor pricing on the market and the widest selection of contactors and auxiliary contactors! With features like manual check buttons, LED indicators, and top flange covers for direct surface attachment, GEYA’s DC contactors are renowned for going the distance.   Our contactors operate in conjunction with our auxiliary contactors.  We provide the lowest pricing in the market for DC contactors

Longer Lifespan

GEYA’S DC contactors are capable of switching AC and DC circuits, with a DC-energized coil and DC magnetic overload relays that are compatible with both 24v and 12V DC contactors. Each GEYA DC Contactor 24V is paired with contacts made of high-content silver, which offers better conductivity, a longer lifespan, and higher temperature resistance.

V0 Grade Plastic Particles

Timers, series relays, and dashpots are not required with inductive time limit control in the GEYA high voltage DC contactor. To guarantee the material's strength and flame retardancy, the base uses V0 grade plastic particles.

Standard Open Contact

The GEYA DC contactor application features one standard open contact and is intended for direct current loads, including electronic control systems, trains, ships, electric vehicles, telecommunications equipment, automotive batteries, and other direct current loads.

Your Reliable DC Contactor Expert

GEYA has placed cutting-edge gear and tools in our manufacturing division, allowing us to produce world-class items. Our committed approach to business has enabled us to provide the finest possible service to our clients. We can guarantee that all items shipped from our facility are perfect and defect-free. Our goods are widely regarded in the market because of their great strength, durability, and extended service life. Furthermore, due to their widespread usage and demand in the business, we provide them to our clients at reasonable costs.

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