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Air Circuit Breaker

GEYA produces high-caliber ACBs with different intelligent air circuit breaker functions. GEYA has evolved into a major electrical equipment provider for the industrial, home, and commercial industries. With a product line that includes everything from energy distribution to lighting connections to building automation. 

GEYA Made Air Circuit Breaker

Best Air Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

GEYA specializes in the sale and service of low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers, as well as other electrical power distribution equipment. We replace components from the biggest inventory by supplying several firms with high-quality and modernized air circuit breakers that can rely on.

Why Choose GEYA Air Circuit Breaker Supplier

GEYA’s air circuit breaker provide several advantages, one of which is increased switching dependability. They can be utilized in main circuit ports to expand the region of selective coordination by increasing the rated short-time to withstand the current reasons behind GEYA’s good reputation as one of the best air circuit breaker manufacturers in the electric industry.

Intelligent Protection

To ease installation and integration in low voltage switchboards, GEYA air circuit breaker has developed three types of modular design criteria with smaller overall sizes and less weights. Our ACB features intelligent protection, and the critical components use intelligent release.

Security & Convenience

GEYA’s air circuit breakers have security and convenience features including in-front OCR terminals, mechanical components, and accessories that have been modularized and improved draw-out rail for simple draw-out improved draw-out rail for easy draw-out with a molded framework.


GEYA’s air circuit breakers have trip relays of the high functionality of the digital kind in which LCD examination is simple. Every GEYA’s ACB has self-diagnosis features and self-testing functionality.

Your Reliable Air Circuit Breaker Expert

We offer an intelligent air circuit breaker working on a network circuit with different rated voltage and current and is mainly used for distribution of energy and protecting the circuit and power supply device against short circuits, Undervoltage, single phase ground fault, etc. Outfit them with matching ROHS, RECAH, UL, or any other needed certificates. 

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