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Residual Current Device

GEYA is one of China’s largest residual current device manufacturers and exporters, we also offer low and high-voltage electric goods for your electrical systems.

GEYA Made Residual Current Device

Best Residual Current Device Manufacturer

GEYA is primarily involved in electrical products such as residual current devices, AC contactors, and timer relays. Our firm has grown into one f the greatest trans-regional, conglomerate, and trans-national enterprises in terms of scale and potential.

Why Choose GEYA Residual Current Protective Device

The GEYA residual current device can improve people’s quality of life in all respects. To improve their daily lives, our customers are installing more equipment in their homes, but using these appliances raises more serious security concerns. Security of people and household appliances is now a fundamental concern that needs to be addressed right now. One of the most fundamental, affordable, secure, and trustworthy options for securing respectable structures and electrical equipment is the proper selection and use of GEYA residual current device.

Window Indicating

Our residual current devices have an elegant look, as well as the arc-shaped cover and handle, providing for an operation with a window indicating contact position. The upper input terminals on our RCD can be used as feed.

Protect Against Earth Fault

Our residual current device function is to protect against earth fault/leakage current and have an isolation function with a high capacity to tolerate short-circuit current. The contacting phase can be freely chosen and displayed on our GEYA residual current devices.

Fire-Resistant Plastic Components

GEYA residual current devices have fire-resistant plastic components that withstand high temperatures and impact. It is free of external interference and voltage fluctuation and independent of power supply and line voltage.

Your Reliable Residual Current Device RCD Experts

With competent, active, and customer-oriented personnel, GEYA is a China-based professional provider of electrical equipment including different residual current device types. Aimed at individuals, each individual brings something unique to the company and you. Our team’s expertise, talents, and understanding throughout the industry enable us to produce the goods you want in greater quality at a more affordable price.​

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