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Voltage Protector

GEYA producing top-notch quality voltage protection device for over 15 years and has been providing this component for over a million users worldwide. We are committed to maintaining our product and service for the benefit of our consumers around the world.

10 Million Times+ Testing
Customize Your Electrical Equipment

GEYA Made Voltage Protector

Best Voltage Protector Supplier

As a leading voltage protection device supplier in the market, GEYA ensures the quality of every unit we release. By complying with strict guidelines and procedures under international standards we are confident enough to say that we are one of the best protector suppliers now.

Why GEYA Voltage Surge Protector

GEYA voltage protector has a pluggable current and voltage terminals with binary input thresholds which is settable using DIGSI. It also has 9 programmable function keys and a 6-line display. GEYA voltage protector device has buffer battery and it is exchangeable from the front and it has USB front port and 2 additional communication ports.

Decoupling and Load Shedding

Our voltage protection device any deviation from the permitted voltage or overexcitation values. The relays can also be applied for the purpose of system decoupling and load shedding.

Flexible Protection

GEYA voltage surge protector has flexible protection functions. It actually has up to 20 additional functions that can be created by the users.

Circuit Breaker Control

Our voltage protector device also provides circuit breaker control, and additional primary switching devices like grounding switches, transfer switches and isolating switch.

Your Number 1 Voltage Protector Brand

GEYA as your number one voltage protector brand ensures to provide only best quality units. We ensure that every voltage surge protector we release to market has undergone to strict series of quality assurance test and comply to international and industry standards.

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