ZW20A-12 Outdoor High-Voltage Vacuum Circuit…

ZW20A-12 type outdoor high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker is a kind of outdoor power distribution equipment with 12KV nominal voltage and 50HZ three-phase alternating current, which is mainly used for load current, overload current and short circuit current in opening and closing power system. It applies to protect and control the power distribution system of transformer substations and industrial and mining enterprises. Also, it is more applicable to rural power network and other places where frequent operation is required. Supporting the use of controllers, it not only can meet the needs of power distribution automation system, but also can reliably and effectively realize the function of traditional automatic circuit.

Function Features

This kind of switch can realize the following functions: instantaneous trip protection, over-current protection, three-time reclosing, event recording, anti- surge protection, zero-sequence protection, real-time clock, acceleration after automatic reclosing, real-time status query, smart tablet computer control, local or remote setup of setting value, active report of fault.

Operation Environment

1. Height above sea level should be lower than 3000m;
2. Ambient air temperature upper limit should be lower than 40℃, lower limit should be lower than -40℃,and daily range of ground temperature25℃;
3. Wind pressure should be lower than 700Pa;
4. Pollution grade: IV;
5. Radial thickness of ice100mm;
6. Installation site: Place where there is no inflammable and explosive hazard and chemical corrosion;
7. Seismic intensity should be lower than 8 degree.