ZN28/ZN28A-12/T1250-31.5 Indoor High-Voltage Vacuum Circuit…


ZN28A-12 series indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is indoor device with three-phase ac 50 Hz and rated voltage 12kV,which is mainly installed inside handcarts and fixed type switch cabinets for control and protection of electrical equipment inindustrial and mining enterprises, power stations and transformer substations, and applies to places where the operation is frequent

Operation Environment

1.Ambient temperature: lower than +40℃,higher than -10 (allowed to be stored and transported under -30 );
2. Height above sea level: ≤1000m;
3. Relative humidity of the air: daily average value should be lower than 95% and monthly average value lower than 90%. Daily average value of saturated vapor pressure should be lower than 2.2×10-3MPa and monthly average value lower than 1.8×10-3MPa;