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GEYA produces all products in strict accordance with our production process

GEYA has a detailed archive to ensure no error in products’ development, production, acceptance, and sales. For the performance of the products, we will carry out strict testing, and all items can be sold and shipped only after passing the test.

Under regular use, during the warranty period, if the product has a problem or damage, GEYA will actively and responsibly take the necessary remedial measures and repair or replace it free of charge. After the warranty period expires, we will still provide life-long paid maintenance services for the product.

From our beginning more than ten years ago, our products and services have helped people work more safely, be more energy-efficient, and reduce emissions.

GEYA Electric has been designing and manufacturing low voltage electrical devices for industrial applications. Our current products offer a wide range of low voltage electrical and automation control items, including MCB, MCCB, RCD, Switch disconnector, Contactor, Relay, Timer, Distributor Box, and other series of related accessories and components. Also, we provide a series of solar energy system applications, including a solar charge controller, solar pump inverter, and a solar power system.
GEYA provides sustainable solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power –more safely, more efficiently, and more reliably.

GEYA Electric has a range of over 100 products that comply with the strictest requirements of international standards such as CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV, and Rosh.

GEYA will execute according to user requirements to ensure high quality, high service, and high speed to complete delivery tasks.

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Push Button FULL FORM


  1. multiple buttons
  2. long life
  3. easy to disassemble
  4. quality assurance



  1. Stable performance, safe and durable
  2. Optimized material, reliable quality, stable performance, corrosion resistance, long service life!


Visible details:

  1. high-quality pc materials: flame retardant, wear-resistant, good handle
  2. metal shell: no deformation, easy disassembly
  3. fine mould: take every detail seriously
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Why Geya

Push Button

·multiple buttons
·long life
·easy to disassemble
·quality assurance

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Push Button

  • official authentic
  • durable
  • electricity protection
  • complete specification
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    At GEYA, we understand the need for keeping all devices safe, while making your business competitive. With over 10 years’ experience, GEYA products are certified CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV and ROSH industry standards.

    Additionally, GEYA engineers help clients in choosing the best materials depending on the application. As a leading Miniature Circuit Breaker manufacturer, GEYA adheres to a strict quality electrical process. Feel free to contact us for custom made and affordable Miniature Circuit Breaker.