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GXB2  Mushroom-Shaped Umbrella Button SwitchGXB2  Mushroom-Shaped Umbrella Button Switch

GXB2 Mushroom-Shaped Umbrella Button Switch

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  • Official authentic
  • Electricity protection
  • Durable
  • Complete specification


  • Modular structure convenient disassembly and assembly.
  • The product is composed of a button head + contact base.


  • Contact module, simple replacement.
  • Contact current: 10A
  • 1 normally open/1 normally closed/1 open 1 close type, change at any time.


Metal shell: heat resistant, shock resistant, safe and reliable, high protection level.


  • Long-life contact: It can pass 10a current, more stable closing, and longer service life.
  • Security: Safe terminal structure to maintain nigh protection level during wiring and maintenance and prevent contact danger.


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