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Correlation type photoelectric sensor working principle

  • The correlation type photoelectric switch is made up of a light projector and light receptor, and both are respectively separated in structure.
  • Distinguish the opaque reflective object.
  • Large effective distance, for the light beam, crosses the sensing distance only once.
  • Not vulnerable to interfere with.
  • The equipment has high consumption, so cables must be laid out on the two units.


Reflection board type photoelectric sensor working principle

  • The Reflection board type photoelectric switch is made up of a light projector and light receptor, which is one of the standard configurations. The light beam from the projector is reflected by the opposite mirror and then goes back to the light receptor. The transit time is twice the signal’s duration time; a switch change comes into being when the light beam breaks.
  • Distinguish the opaque reflective object
  • A transparent glass identification mark can be made of a special sensor
  • When the sensor with polaroid filter works, the reflective target becomes a reliable identification (See MSR function)
  • The high effective distance range is available with the help of reflective mirror parts
  • Not vulnerable to interfere


Diffuse reflection-type photoelectric sensor working principle

  • The diffuse reflection-type photoelectric switch is made up of a light projector and light receptor, which is one of the standard configurations. When the light beam comes from the projector. the target creates diffuse reflection; when there is enough combination light back to the light receptor, the switching state will change.
  • Effective operating distance depends on the reflective capacity of the target as well as the surface property and color. The changing capacity with sensitivity adjuster can assume compensation action.
  • The equipment has lower consumption. When the optical sensor is made up of a single element, a rough location can usually be achieved.
  • Adopts the function of background rejection to regulate the measuring distance.
  • Sensitive to the dust on the target and sensitive to the changed reflective performance of the target.


Optical fiber sensor

  • Detect micro-objects (Minimum 0.5mm).
  • Use high-class alloy steel as external packing, which can work in a high-temperature environment.
  • Suitable to the installation condition which has restriction.

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Why Geya

Photoelectric Sensor

Can application in

  • Use photoelectric switch with diffuse reflection when the sensor can’t be mounted on one side
  • The direction judgment of the crane and the detection of the approach into the dangerous zone
  • Check the beer bottle with the reflection type photoelectric switch, and check whether there is a tag with the correlation type photoelectric switch.
  • It’s available for mirror surface object to undertake steady detection without any disoperation in terms of function MSR.
  • Inclination detection
  • When the substrate is translucent, undertake detection with correlation type.
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