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WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker Switch

GEYA is a smart circuit breakers distributor. Repair, upkeep, inventory management, on-site training, and smart circuit breaker with energy monitoring are among the capabilities. Our smart circuit breaker serves industries including those in the automotive, medical, power generation, oil and gas, paper and food processing, wastewater treatment, and fluid power.

10 Million Times+ Testing
Customize Your Electrical Equipment

GEYA Made Smart Circuit Breakers

We are devoted to innovating for the greatest customer experience in a tough market. Upgraded from OEM & ODM to OPM service to suit every customer’s need while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Best Smart Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

GEYA aims to provide high-quality smart inverters with new energy-saving capabilities including revenue-grade metering; you can keep track of your energy usage, simplify renewable energy integration, reduce energy expenses and energy consumption and complement the current infrastructure and smart home technologies.

Why Choose GEYA Smart MCB

GEYA smart MCB are an industry first, integrating traditional safety features with the intelligence required to allow wiser energy decisions and more flexible energy systems for homes, apartments, buildings, the grid, and other applications. Introducing new energy-saving capabilities: With revenue-grade metering, you can keep track of your energy usage which makes GEYA a leading smart circuit breaker manufacturer.

wifi MCB 01

Whole-Home Solutions

When combined with other smart circuit breaker products, GEYA smart circuit breakers give insightful data on home energy use, increased safety, and whole-home solutions. Our smart circuit breaker with energy monitoring is a reliable device that can be used in different applications.

Protection Feature

GEYA’s unique design of wifi mcb enables the whole Load Center to be connected during rough-in without the presence of circuit breakers. GEYA's smart circuit breaker has a smart protection feature which can view load current, voltage, power in real time record.

Precision Trip Technology

Precision trip technology guarantees that the GEYA wifi mcb functions properly from -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F) without re-rating. Our smart circuit breaker is made up of a flame retardant material and high-temperature resistance for safety.

Your Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker Expert

GEYA has long years of experience in electrical devices such as smart circuit breakers, including home automation and data communication industries. GEYA’s century of legacy provides a firm foundation and dedication to continual improvement, high standards, and innovation to the industry via investment in R&D, production, distribution, human resources, and training.

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