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Push Button Manufacturers of 2023

Are you trying to find the top-rated and most trustworthy Push Button Manufacturers for your business? You are currently on the appropriate page as a result. We have compiled a list of several international companies that offer Push buttons so that you may benefit from their goods and services. Please feel free to contact us right away to get a quote!

In the 1880s, electric pushbuttons first appeared on the market. The keys on musical instruments and typewriters were mechanical and manual buttons that came before them. The word “button” is derived from the French word bouton, which means to push or shove forward and have a pimple or projection. “Electric buttons” or “pushbuttons” have been the subject of hundreds of patent applications.

Top 10 Push Button Manufacturers of 2023

Push Button Manufacturers of 2023 Market Overview

Push Button Switches market report offers a thorough analysis of the global, regional, and national market sizes. Residential, which made up% of the worldwide market of push button switches in 2021, is anticipated to reach USD million by 2028, rising at a% CAGR over the following six years. At the same time, the market for Metal Push Buttonswitches will have a% CAGR from 2022 to 2028.

Leading Push Button Manufacturers

Some Leading Push Button Manufacturers:

Schneider Electric Push Button

The Harmony range is the gold standard for operator effectiveness and efficiency since it leads the globe in push buttons, switches, and pilot lights. It guarantees reliable, secure, ergonomically sound, and simple control of machines and production lines. Harmony also offers intelligent, connected solutions inside the IoT space that collect and interpret data to let users make knowledgeable decisions.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Schneider Electric
Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Electro-Mech Push Button

Indicator lights, multi-switch interlocking assemblies, and illuminated pushbutton switches are among the products that Electro-Mech Components, Inc. (EMC) designs and produces. Buttons made by the firm are used in a wide range of applications and sectors, including everything from video game consoles to airplane cockpits. The company makes high-end industrial switches with up to six separate circuits that are water-tight, shock-proof, and vibration-proof, as well as an extensive range of basic off-the-shelf pushbutton switch combinations in various shapes, features, and lens colors. Since 1966, Electro-Mech has been producing its products, and thanks to our design team’s knowledge, we can quickly address the unique needs of all our clients.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Electro-Mech Components, Inc. (EMC)
Terry Trumbull

Electroswitch Push Button

For the power business, Electroswitch designs and manufactures the broadest range of switches and relays, including battery monitors and lock-out relays, supporting important applications in power utility, defense, and industrial locations across the world. Since 1946, Electroswitch has been producing products in the USA, exceeding the highest industry performance standards with secure, simple-to-use goods of the finest quality for their applications. The business’s most skilled application specialists and knowledgeable technical sales professionals support Electroswitch products. A skilled team of experienced people fully aligned and supported by operations and product engineering to respond promptly to quotations, orders, and technical application inquiries as needed is the foundation of excellent customer service.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Electroswitch Power Switches and Relays
Robert Pineau

NKK Switches Push Button

The range of premium pushbutton switches offered by NKK comprises ultra-miniature, subminiature, normal, and large-capacity models. Our entire line of pushbutton switches is available in several mounting and termination styles to meet various application needs. Options for bespoke pushbutton switches include cable and wire harness assembly, pad printing, laser etching, and custom cable assembly. NKK pushbutton switches are designed to meet a wide range of application needs, including those for audio video equipment, broadcast equipment, automation control, industrial equipment, and medical equipment. By clicking the link inside each product series listing, you can obtain editable 3D CAD models for each part. UL and CSA certifications. Within each product series, a Certificate of RoHS2 Environmental Compliance is offered.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
NKK Switches Co. LTD.
Hirokuni Hibi

OMRON Push Button

One can profit from Omron’s more than 80 years of industry experience. Omron is knowledgeable in applications, automation, and safety. We can assist you whether you want to safeguard your workforce, comprehend your functional safety hazards, develop your team, or refurbish a robot. They use their extensive worldwide reach, leading technology, and knowledgeable service team to overcome the most complex problems. Electronics firm Omron Corporation is built in Kyoto, Japan. Omron was founded in 1933 by Kazuma Tateisi, and the company was officially incorporated in 1948. The company was founded in Kyoto’s “Omuro” neighborhood, from which the name “OMRON” was derived. Omron’s main line of business is the production and distribution of automation parts, tools, and systems. However, it’s best known for its nebulizers, digital thermometers, and other medical devices like blood pressure monitors and digital thermometers. One of the first makers of automated teller machines using magnetic stripe card readers, Omron also created the first electronic ticket gate in the world, which was recognized as an IEEE Milestone in 2007. The oil and gas industry and other associated industries can get specialized control systems, AC and DC drive systems, and more from Omron Oilfield & Marine.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
OMRON Corporation
Yoshihito Yamada

Render Automation Push Button

Industrial automation and process instrumentation are critical areas of expertise. The staff examines customer requirements, comprehends the application before making suggestions, and assists customers in selecting the suitable component following the project budget and technical specifications. Over more than ten years, they have developed relationships with numerous providers of automation components that have excelled in their specific fields. Their staff makes every effort to provide you with a range of solutions for business needs in terms of price and technical requirements. They have a complete setup, including a sales team, an application team, an administrative team, and a buying team, to handle the deadline for the project. They guarantee that we will supply you with the appropriate component within the allocated budget and time frame for delivery. Throughout the development of each project and component segment, they communicate with the client.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Render Automation Pvt. Ltd.
Rhohit Shinde

ABB Push Button

ABB Ltd. manufactures and distributes solutions for industrial automation, power grid, robotics and motion, and electrification worldwide. In addition to intelligent home and building solutions, its electrification products division offers modular substation packages, distribution automation products, circuit breakers, measuring and sensing equipment, control products, wire accessories, enclosures, and cabling systems.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
ABB Limited
Björn Rosengren

Eaton Push Button

They are committed to using power management technologies that are more dependable, efficient, secure, and sustainable to improve people’s lives and the environment. People rely on technology, transportation, energy, and infrastructure to live and work every day, all across the world. They are in a position to address the most difficult issues in electrical and mechanical power management around the globe thanks to the rapid rise of electrification, the energy revolution brought on by climate change, and the explosive growth of connectivity. Since that’s what really counts, and they are here to ensure that it functions.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Eaton Corporation Inc.
Craig Arnold

Toshiba Corporation Push Button

The Toshiba Corporation manufactures and markets products that include electrical and electronic components worldwide, together with its subsidiaries. Industrial ICT Solutions, Retail & Printing Solutions, Energy Systems & Solutions, Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions, and Others are its six operating segments. In addition to power, transmission and distribution, industrial, railway transportation, security and automation, broadcasting and network, water and environmental, building, and POS systems, the company offers infrastructure systems like solid-state weather radars, airport facilities, elevators, escalators, printing, and IT solutions. In addition, it sells digital goods, including laptops and tablets, memory products, SSDs, TVs, Blu-ray products, home appliances, and electronic devices and components like semiconductors, storage products, microwave semiconductors and components, materials, and gadgets.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Toshiba Corporation
Taro Shimada

Schurter Holding AG Push Button

The SCHURTER Group is the top Swiss technology business in the world for secure power delivery, user-friendly operation, and complete advanced solutions. Device connections, switches, EMC products, measurement services, and the field of solutions are some of the components used by the business units. Solutions provide business partners with a comprehensive solution package to complete the most stringent client requirements by coordinating and connecting all of SCHURTER’s core competencies.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Schurter Holding AG
Lucerne, Switzerland
Eine Liftfahrt mit Ralph Müller

What is a Push Button?

Push buttons are merely the machine or appliance’s basic power control switches. Electric circuits are made with the premise that electricity should be able to flow continuously through numerous cables and parts. The push button’s shape makes it possible for a human finger to effortlessly operate the machine. There are contributions for numerous push-button colors for machinery with intricate operations and several buttons.

Types Push-Button

An electrical device called a push button switch transmits the operator’s pushing motion to the machine. It aids the operator in decision-making and keeps the system under control. The machine may start and stop using the push button switch. There are many different kinds of push buttons. Here are some of them:


Flush push button switch

It requires direct pressure on the operator’s surface for the flush push button switch. Since the actuator is flush with the mounting ring, it is usually used for start buttons that protect the button against unintentional initiation.

Mushroom push button switch

The actuator on the mushroom-head push button switch has a diameter greater than a typical push button and extends beyond the mounting ring’s edges. Mushroom-head push buttons are utilized as emergency stop buttons due to their varying sizes and shapes, making them simpler to recognize and press.

Emergency stop push button switch

Resetting a control function necessitates a more deliberate action on the part of the worker.

Double push button switch

Two operators are combined in one body by the double push button switch. It saves money and space. Furthermore, specific models feature an illumination function.

Push Button Functions

The push-button switch has countless typical applications, including automobile stereos and elevators. Some buttons are tucked away inside equipment, while others are available for us to utilize. Momentary and non-momentary are the two basic categories of such a switch.

Momentary Push Button Switch

The buttons on a phone, calculator or door buzzer are momentary switches that only work while you press them. It is separated into sections that are usually Normally-Off and Normally-On.

Non-Momentary Contact Push Button Switch

Non-momentary switches require two pushes to activate and deactivate. The power buttons on TVs and stereos are non-momentary switches.


Switches are given current and voltage ratings for dependability and safety. Since buttons, like other parts, are only as large as necessary, higher voltage or current needs necessitate more significant, more expensive parts. Industrial machines have high requirements compared to mobile phones and portable radios, which have low requirements.

Push Button Color Coding

A push button switch’s various colors each signify distinct meanings.


Triggered in the case of an emergency or dangerous situation


It is initiated in the case of an abnormality.


Prompted to initiate a normal condition


Triggered by an event demanding immediate action


For general function commencement, except for emergency stop.

Parts of a Push Button Switch

A push-button switch is built from a variety of components:


A switch’s conducting component that completes a circuit is available as “normally closed,” which means the circuit will be closed, or “normally open,” which means the circuit is open in its neutral condition. When the operator activates the contact, the neutral state is reversed.

Contact block

Contact block holders secure blocks to the back of a device.


The part of the device that users touch to operate it.

Lamp block

When the necessary signal is received, the component of a push button holds and activates the light bulb.

Push-Button Switch Voltage Ratings

The assumption that a push-button switch will work as long as its current rating is below the circuit’s maximum load is a misconception. The precise distinction between AC and DC capacity is displayed on most switches. Whether there is an AC or DC connection will determine the necessary circuit breaking speed. The type of electrical load must also be considered, with suitability varying depending on whether an inductive or resistive load is switched.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Push button

An electrical switch known as a push-on switch can be activated by lightly touching the switch button. It is pretty easy to use and comes in a variety of varieties. However, do you know the benefits and drawbacks of a push-on switch?
Push-on switches are waterproof, oil-proof, pollutant-proof and anti-static, and resistant to contamination and interference due to a unique sealing technique. The lighted push button switch typically weighs only a few grams to a few tens of grams and is simple to transport or install. The circuit can be printed on the device using copper foil, silver paste, or carbon paste.
However, push-button switches have benefits and drawbacks. Electronic switch protection is vital if you want to prolong their useful life. If the metal button switch is touched too frequently, the metal shrapnel becomes less elastic, and the press-on switch will be inoperable. The ageing and deterioration of electronic components is a long-term solution, although frequent use will speed up the process.

What to Consider When Looking at Push Buttons

Size or diameter

A 22mm pushbutton is commonly utilized in light industrial settings, while a 30mm button is better for heavy industrial applications like chemical plants and oil and gas processing.


The bezels, which surround the operator, are often either silver or black. Another design choice is a flush mount, where the button integrates into the surface rather than protruding from the machine’s surface.

Operator type

Selector switches are the best pushbutton when a maintained contact is required (such as HAND/OFF/AUTO). Push-pull operators must be physically pushed in or pulled out to change status. Roto-Push is a selection switch and pushbutton combined into one device.


One of the most popular switch kinds that users and customers use on a regular basis is the push-button switch. Push button switches are very simple to switch components, but they nonetheless come in a variety of sizes, specifications, and features that should be understood and taken into account depending on the application. Mini push button switches are available from GEYA in a variety of tiny packages, switch functions, and circuit types.

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