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Top 11 Relay Manufacturer of 2023

Looking for in-demand relay manufacturers? We have collected the prime Relay companies in the industry who offer the best custom specifications for all their Relay needs. And the types and materials used by available Relay are covered in detail in this article. Just keep an eye on here!
Relay is an electrical component used in different circuits and electrical projects. Due to the advancement of technology and other factors that affect our way of living. It opens a door for relay manufacturers to come up, innovate and produce the best quality relays for us to use.
Relays now are a vital part of industrial, commercial, and residential project units because of their functionality.
Top 11 Relay Manufacturers of 2023

Relay Manufacturer of 2023 Market Overview

The global relay is projected to reach USD2.7 billion by 2025 from an estimated market size of USD2.0 billion in 2020 with a 5.7% CAGR during the forecast period.

Due to the increase in renewable capacity addition, substation automation, and replacement of older electromechanical relays with new microprocessor-based relays, the protective relays market is set to witness significant growth.


These digital and numeric protective relays are advanced relays that feature multiple protection functions in the unit. These types of relays have become more attractive on the market.

The utility segment had the largest share of 45% of the protective relay market. Due to its various applications such as transformers, feeders, busbars, and high-voltage substations.

It is also forecasted that the utility segment of relay usage will continue to dominate the market due to continuous project developments, new distribution networks, and grid expansion projects.

It is also reported that the Asia Pacific has the highest and largest relay consumption in the 2020-2025 forecast period.

Leading Relays Manufacturer List:

Here are some of the leading relay manufacturers/suppliers in the electrical and automation industry today.

1.ABB Relays

ABB Relay

ABB has been in electrical components and device manufacturing for over 130 years. With their prime experience and expertise in innovations in product development and ABB technologies. They have established a solid foundation in automation and digitalization, including a wide range of relays that are trusted and used by their customer clients from big businesses to individual households.
ABB relays are premium quality relays that are aligned with international standards and passed strict quality assurance tests. ABB offers legitimacy with its list of certifications and patents that give modern scope protection and multifunctionality protections. Their relays provide continuity of power consumers and protection of network assets against life-threatening incidents.

ABB Official Website: https://global.abb/group/en
ABB Relays: https://new.abb.com/medium-voltage/digital-substations/protection-relays
About ABB: https://global.abb/group/en/about
ABB Ability and Service Offered: https://new.abb.com/service

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Zürich, Switzerland
Bjorn Rosengren

2.GEYA Relay


GEYA, a distinguished electrical equipment company with over20 years of industry presence. Known for commitment and dedication, they excel in manufacturing top-tier electrical components and devices. Renowned for innovative product development and advanced technologies, GEYA is a stalwart in automation and digitalization.
They premium-quality relays adhere to international standards, backed by rigorous quality assurance, contributing to their remarkable 98.9% customer satisfaction rate since inception. GEYA’s certifications and patents underscore their commitment to cutting-edge, multifunctional protection for power consumers and network assets.

GEYA Official Website: https://www.geya.net/
GEYA Relays: https://www.geya.net/monitoring-relay/
About GEYA: https://global.abb/group/en/about
GEYA Relay Catalog : https://www.geya.net/relay-catalog/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Mrs Qian

3.Cabur Relay

Cabur Relay

Cabur is an electrical company in Italy with over 70 years of experience in the industry. They are a leading company in the field of modular terminal blocks for electrical panels. They have built on its strengths and have added other products including installation products, photovoltaic system solutions, and electronic products like relays. Cabur offers a vast range of electronic products like relay interface modules and analogue converters.
Their line of power supplies is the most advanced and complete on the market. Cabur installation products include a wide set of solutions for civil and industrial systems that further enhance the possibilities offered for the electronic equipment distribution sector. Cabur developed and innovated its electromechanical relay modules and solid-state relays and revolutionized the concept of a horizontal design module by adopting the 1998 vertical module with its CR and CRE series.

Cabur Official Website: http://www.cabur.it/?l=2
Cabur Relays: http://www.cabur.it/searchall.asp
About Cabur: http://www.cabur.it/whoweare.asp
Cabur Catalog: http://www.cabur.it/products.asp

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Altare, Savona
Carlo Zaccon

4.Comat Releco Relay

Comat Releco Relay

Comat Releco is one of the leading manufacturers/suppliers of high-quality relays and contractors of all kinds. They have a wide product portfolio that includes customized solutions. Comat Releco serves customers in all different sectors and levels from industrial, commercial, residential, transportation, and many more. Their core competencies are in industrial relays, monitoring relays, timing relays, and contractors. This is all backed by their latest technology and machinery with traditional electromechanical design.
Comat Releco commits to maintaining the qualities of its products by continuously investing in research and development, consistent innovation, and the latest technology. They also have multiple certifications and patents to certify their legitimacy and reliability.

Comat Releco Official Website: https://www.comatreleco.com/en/
Comat Releco Relays: https://www.comatreleco.com/en/produkt-kategorie/relays-contactors_f1_en/
About Comat Releco: https://www.comatreleco.com/en/ueber-uns-2/
Comat Releco Area of Applications: https://www.comatreleco.com/en/area-of-application/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Comat Releco
Worb, Switzerland
Alexandre El Soda

5.Finder Relay

Finder Relay

Finder Relays Inc. was established in 1993. Finder is a multinational company that gives importance to the value of people and the quality of products. Finder produces over 14,500 different types of electromechanical and electronic devices. All their production is subject to strict daily controls that ensure premium-quality products. Finder constantly improves their manufacturing processes while respecting our government.
Finder has Finder customer service, technical support, and a sales and marketing team to support and serve their customers in the most efficient way. Finder has also gained recognition among US customers over the past years by providing quality products and excellent customer service. Finder is proud to be recognized as the relay manufacturer with the highest number of quality approvals.

About Finder: https://www.findernet.com/en/usa/about-us/company/
Finder Relays: https://www.findernet.com/en/usa/industrial-listing/industrial-relays-listing/
About Finder: https://www.findernet.com/en/usa/about-us/
Finder Industrial Solutions: https://www.findernet.com/en/usa/solutions/industrial-solutions/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Finder Relay Inc.
Suwanee, GA
Piero Giordanino

6.Fuji Relay

Fuji Relay

Fuji Electric has almost 100 years of experience in innovation in energy and environmental technology since 1923. Fuji continuously pursued movements to achieve economic growth while simultaneously addressing social and environmental issues. Fuji’s corporate philosophy and management policies coincide with the goals of a global society.
Fuji is working with a responsible and sustainable society through energy and business by offering renewable energy solutions, as well as power stabilization, energy saving, and automation solutions. They commit to satisfying their customer’s demands through their wide variety of controlling and indication devices and sensors added and providing comprehensive solutions such as relays and time delay relays.

Fuji Electric Global Official Website: https://www.fujielectric.com/?ui_medium=gl_glnavi
Fuji Relays: https://www.fujielectric.com/products/control_relay/
About Relays: https://www.fujielectric.com/company/
Fuji Electric Distribution and Control Products: https://www.fujielectric.com/products/distributions_controls.html?ui_medium=gl_glnavi

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Fuji Electric Global
Ōsaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Michihiro Kitazawa

7.Omron Relay

Omron Relay

Omron advocated solutions to social issues by providing products that are consistently sustainable, reliable, and fully functional. To improve lives and contribute to a better society.
Omron creates quality products and services in any circumstance. They prioritize the security and safety of their products and services and continue to deliver value that exceeds customer expectations to fully fulfil their social responsibility.

Omron Official Website: https://www.omron.com/global/en/
Omron Relay: https://www.omron.com/relay/
About Omron: https://www.omron.com/global/en/about/
Omron Sustainability: https://sustainability.omron.com/en

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
OMRON Corporation
Shiokoji Horikawa, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto Japan
Yoshihito Yamada

8. Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact Relay

Phoenix Contact was established in the year 1923 in Essen Germany. They present an overview of almost 100 years of defining innovative technology. They have developed their electronic portfolio throughout the years. Their cores are in relays, connectors, power supplies, converters, and many more. Phoenix invests in continuous innovations in all aspects of its business. They have produced millions of quality products that have been circulating in the market for almost a century. With their adaptability to constant technological advancement and hiring expert engineers and staff, they are able to maintain the name of being one of the most reliable electronic equipment and components providers in the world.

Phoenix ContactOfficial Website: https://www.phoenixcontact.com/en-pc/
Phoenix Contact Relay: https://www.phoenixcontact.com/en-pc/products/relays-and-optocouplers
About Phoenix Contact: https://www.phoenixcontact.com/en-pc/about-us
Phoenix Contact Products: https://www.phoenixcontact.com/en-pc/products

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Phoenix Contact
Blomberg, Germany
Hugo Knümann

9.Relpol Relays


Relpol was founded n the year 1958. Their core expertise is in areas of industrial and power automation, power electronics, and electronics applied in telecommunications and household appliances. Their experience is one of their strong points. They have been in the industry for over 80 years providing and giving quality products and services.
Relpol relays have been circulating in the market for several decades now. It has been used and trusted by millions of electricians and users since then. They have been recognized for quality, innovation, and punctuality by their customers.

Relpol Official Website: https://www.relpol.pl/en/
Relpol Relays: https://www.relpol.pl/en/Products/Industrial-plug-in-Relays
About Relpol: https://www.relpol.pl/en/Company/About-us
Relpol Products: https://www.relpol.pl/en/Products

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Relpol S.A.
Bartlomiej Szydlowski

10.Schneider Relay


Schneider is known for its over 180 years of experience in innovations. Their main purpose is to empower all the most of their energy and resources bridging progress and sustainability for all. They drive digital transformations by integrating world-leading processes and energy technologies to give full efficiency and sustainability opportunities for their client’s businesses. They build open standard partnerships to unleash the infinite possibilities of a global, innovative community that is passionate about its core purpose and values.
They offer the broadest range of solutions to control and protect electric motors. Their contractors and relays are known for high durability. They offer high reliability with long mechanical and electrical life extensive functionality and featured relays.

Schneider Official Website: https://www.se.com/ph/en/
Schneider Relay: https://www.se.com/ph/en/product-category/1500-contactors-protection-relays/
About Schneider: https://www.se.com/ph/en/about-us/
Schneider Services: https://www.se.com/ph/en/work/services/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Schneider Electric
Rueil-Malmaison, France
Jean-Pascal Tricoire

11.Schrack Relay

Schrack Relay

Schrack is an Australian company that specializes in electrical and power equipment, lighting solutions, and data and network systems for industries. They focus on products and solutions for energy optimization, and industrial and building safety. Schrack offers high-quality products such as relays, technical expertise, and the best customer service as their core.
Schrack performed activities that use energy and resources and impact our environment. They make sure to use resources as efficiently as possible to avoid environmental repercussions because it is just and feasible. They make sure that in everything they do, the customer is the center of it. They record customer requests and needs and continuously come up with new ideas of innovation that will surely give more value to it as their social responsibility.

Schrack Official Website: https://www.schrack.com/
Schrack Relay: https://www.schrack.com/shop/catalogsearch/result?q=relay&cat=
About Schrack Technik: https://www.schrack.com/company
Schrack Other Products: https://www.schrack.com/shop/catalogsearch/result?q=relay&cat=

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Schrack Technik Group
Vienna, Austria
Wilhelm Großeibl

What is Relay?

A relay is an electrically operated switch that consists of sets of input terminals for single and multiple control signals and a set of contact terminals. This is used to control circuits by an independent low-power signal or where several circuits must be controlled by one signal. Relays were first used in long-distance telegraph circuits as a signal repeaters. Traditional relays use an electromagnet to close or open contacts but relays using other operating principles have also been invented, like solid state relays and latching relays.

Material Used in Relay Manufacturing

Relays are used in a wide range of applications in a variety of electrical systems and projects. Each application demands a certain type of material that will really sustain the whole project itself. Below are the common materials used in manufacturing relays.

Contact Material

Fine Silver

Fine silver has the highest electrical and thermal properties of metal. The best general-purpose material available for making relay contacts. Silver is affected by sulfidation which creates a film on the surface of silver that increases contact interface resistance. In silver and silver alloy sulfide, contact pressure must be great enough to break this film. Breaking this film generates electrical noise. Fine silver contacts are not used for low-level switching.

Gold-Flashed Silver

Gold flashing on each contact results in minimal sulfidation and provides good electrical make upon contact. Gold has a low boiling temperature and the flashing will bur off after just a few switch cycles if arc voltage and current are exceeded. Then underlayer silver will be exposed and will develop a sulfide film.

Gold Overlay

Gold overlay is the common contact used in dry and low-level circuits. The sufficient thickness of the overlay should not wear through the base metal unless subjected to arcing.

Silver Nickel

Materials may be prevalent with fine silver contacts depending on applications. The premature contacts results in pitting and this pitting may cause contact failure. Silver is alloyed with 0.15% nickel which gives contacts a fine grain structure. As the result, the material transfer is evenly distributed across the entire surface of the contacts.

Silver Cadmium Oxide

Silver cadmium oxides are used in switching loads contacts because they produce high-energy arc. Its contact is less electrically conductive than fine silver contact but has superior resistance to material loss and transfer due to arcing. The minimum arc voltage rating of silver cadmium oxide is 10v, so with these materials arc is necessary to keep those contacts clean.

Silver Tin Indium Oxide

Silver tin indium oxide contacts have better resistance to arc erosion and welding than silver cadmium oxide contacts. These materials are also less electrically conductive and harder than silver cadmium oxide contacts. It has a greater interface resistance between mating contacts.

Silver Copper Nickel

Silver copper nickel contacts are only used in switching in high inrushDC. Usually seen in incandescent lamps and capacitive loads systems. This contact material is good and resistant to welding.

Gold Silver Nickel Alloy

Gold silver nickel alloy contacts are used in switching loads generally of less than one ampere. This contact material has the same characteristics as gold diffused silver but is less expensive.


Palladium contacts do not sulfate or oxidize. This kind of contact has extremely low noise levels. This also has a longer life expectancy than fine silver contacts. Palladium load currents are limited to 5 amperes.


Tungsten contacts are for use in high voltage applications which is usually highly repetitive switching is required. This material has excellent arc-erosion resistance and may develop troublesome oxide films, especially when used in anode contact in some DC applications.


Mercury has a melting point of -38.87 degrees Celcius. It is used in relays in a liquid state. Mercury will cling to the surface of any clean metal and be used as a contact in mercury wetted reed relays. Because of its low melting points, mercury contacts cannot switch currents more than a few amperes.

Frame Material

Heavy Duty Plastics

Relays are electrical component switches that are exposed to several voltage and currents from high to low. Manufacturers use high-quality plastics like PVC and Polyvinyl Chloride which is a versatile material that offers many possible applications including electrical components frames, automotive interiors, cable, and wire insulation, etc.

Metal Frames

Metal is also used in relay manufacturing as a component in producing relay frames. The metal used in this part of relays is usually non-conductive and has strong resistance to major environmental disturbances.


Copper Wire

Copper wires are single electrical conductors made of copper. This material can be insulated or uninsulated.

Iron Core

The iron core is a ferromagnetic metal such as ferrimagnetic compounds such as ferrites. Iron ores are rocks and minerals from which metallic iron can be extracted

Armature Material

Aluminum Wire is a type of wiring which is conducting material considering electrical and mechanical properties and price compared to copper wire.

Things to consider when Choosing the Right Relays Manufacturers

Choosing the right relay manufacturer is a critical decision to make because relays have an important role in your electrical system which will also dictate the overall performance of your system. So selecting the best relay provider will eventually help you and makes your electrical system efficient and reliable. Here are the tips to put in mind before choosing your relay manufacturers:


Ask for references and see examples of their work. Look for testimonies and other stuff that will surely provide legitimacy to their business. Research the company’s background. A good relay manufacturer must have a good reputation in the industry and provides high-quality work. If the company can not provide a simple portfolio then it might be the right time to go to the next on your list.

Ask for Certifications

Relay manufacturers and providers are required by law to be certified. Make sure that the company you’ll be working with has certifications or licenses in general.

Understand How Relays Works

Before choosing a relay for your control system, make sure you know the fundamentals or basics of relays. Its function, types, size, weight, etc. With these, you are not just familiarizing what relays are but also knowing why you need relays.

Be Specific about your Needs and Preferences

Suppliers will be getting your ideas about your wanted specifications for your electrical system. With these, they are able to determine the right relays you need. Manufacturers are experts in this field, but make sure to specify your wants for them to fully assess your needs.

Know Company Policies

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right relay manufacturer is the warranty of their service or products. Relays are electrical components that are critical in all applications. It is best if this component has warranty service to be able to return or repair when a fault comes.


Relays are highly versatile components that are just as effective in complex circuits. This is specifically designed based on factors like amperage. Relays are important because it is the one that switches the level of current an application needs to switch from high to low current. It also provides a necessary application to convert a small current into a larger one.
The information given above will serve as your guide in choosing the best relays for your circuit and the best relay manufacturer that will surely give you the ease of minding the quality you got from them. Use this information sheet as your guide.

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