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Thermal Overload Relay Manufacturer

As one of the top thermal overloads relays manufacturers on the market, GEYA provides the most trustworthy protection for your motors in the event of overload or phase failure. Almost a million homes and companies use our thermal  relays globally. Every GEYA’s thermal overload relay has passed the international industry certification standards, and you can be completely assured of quality.

GEYA Made Thermal Overload Relay Products

Thermal overload relays from GEYA are affordable electromechanical main circuit protection equipment. In the event of overload or phase failure, it provides reliable motor safety. Together with contactors, each GEYA thermal overload relay can be used to create a small beginning solution. It has dependable motor protection that can easily create starters and has single mounting kits and wire reset for remote controls for particular situations.

Leading Thermal Relay Company in the Electric Equipment Market

With GEYA’s experience and knowledge in this field, we can confidently claim to be the authority you can rely on when it comes to electrical items like thermal overload relay. Because GEYA has more than 15 years of experience in this industry, we can guarantee that every product we make is of the highest possible caliber

Latest Manufacturing Practices

We make significant investments in R&D, giving us access to some of the most cutting-edge production equipment currently available. Our business has been operating for more than 20 years, and our team of skilled engineers can design and produce goods by following customer specifications.

100% Tested Thermal Relays

Before being distributed, all of our thermal overload relay products are examined by competent engineers to make sure they abide by global standards and laws. Offering top-notch products and services to clients is a never-ending mission.

Making Tomorrow Different Today.

Energize Society With Premium Quality Thermal Relays & Other Electric Products

GEYA thermal protection relay is primarily utilized in the electrical, electronic, and instrumentation industries. Superior quality raw materials are used in the production of our Thermal Relays. prefer frames made of molded insulating material that is sturdy and insulating, like glass-polyester or thermoset composite resins.

Reliability of Service

We will do all our power to ensure that your purchase is handled as quickly as possible because we are committed to providing our customers with the fastest turnaround time imaginable.

Technology Assistance

Our production lines are equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment. We have a highly-efficient production line that can meet the needs of our customers and improve product quality.

One-Stop Service

We offer a one-stop-shop for all of your needs, from design to production, as the top supplier of thermal overload relays and related goods. To satisfy your unique needs, we may offer a range of tailored solutions.

Specialized Services

To create solutions that are unique to you and your needs, our technology professionals will collaborate directly with you. We can design specialized solutions that go above and beyond your expectations while maintaining reasonable costs because of our knowledge in both hardware and software.

A Word Wide Supplier Of Electrical Equipment

Why GEYA is Your Best Thermal Protection Relay Supplier Choice

Wide Range of Electrical Products
Exceptional Customer Support
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Providing Value To Our Clients Through Ongoing Product & Innovation.
Projects And Systems Completed in 2022
GEYA is renowned as a leading producer of excellent electronic devices. Projects involving OEM or ODM are entirely accepted, and the company is now engaged in such work with several renowned worldwide firms.
Patents and Certifications in Electric Industry

Our extensive line of electrical items received after passing the testing in the lab with over 30 years of experience, the following safety certifications: CE, SEMKO, KEMA, and CB our electrical items have patents.

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We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and selecting equipments.

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Frequently Aksed Questions

Thermal relays are affordable electromechanical protection mechanisms for the main circuit. In the event of overload or phase failure, they provide reliable safety for motors. Together with contractors, the thermal overload relay can create a small beginning solution.

A thermal protection relay operates using the heat generated by a high overload current. The motor circuit is tripped by the heat that the overload current generates. These are typically employed to safeguard lower-output DC motors or low-voltage squirrel cage induction motors.

Relays for thermal overload are safety measures. They are made to shut off the electricity if the motor uses too much current for a prolonged length of time. The normally closed (NC) relay found in thermal overload relays serves this purpose.

The theory behind thermal OLR is the deformation of a bimetallic strip upon heating. The microprocessor-based electronic overload relay has a wide range of integrated functionality. The contactors are utilized in conjunction with OLRs. Every time it detects a problem, it opens the contactor.

The overload relay has additional pieces in addition to the contacts and the bimetallic strip such as terminal, ampere range setting, reset button, auxiliary contact, and test button

A thermal protection relay’s job in motor starter circuits is to keep the motor from drawing too much current, which could damage the insulation on the motor. It is either directly connected to the motor lines or indirectly via current transformers.

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