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The Working Principle and Characteristics of Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

Working principle

The core of the inverter device is the inverter switch circuit, referred to as the inverter circuit for short. This circuit completes the function of the inverter by turning on and off the power electronic switch.


(1) High Efficiency is Required.

Due to the high price of solar cells, in order to maximize the use of solar cells and improve system efficiency, we must try to improve the efficiency of the inverter.

(2) Requires High Reliability.

At present, photovoltaic power station systems are mainly used in remote areas. Many power stations are unattended and maintained. This requires inverters to have a reasonable circuit structure, strict component selection and requires inverters to have various protection functions, such as input DC polarity reverse protection, AC output short circuit protection, overheating, overload protection, etc.

(3) The Input Voltage is Required To Have a Wide Range of Adaptation.

Because of the terminal voltage of the solar cell changes with the load and sunlight intensity. Especially when the battery is aging, its terminal voltage varies widely. For example, the terminal voltage of a 12V battery may vary from 10V to 16V. This requires the inverter to ensure normal operation within a larger DC input voltage range.

The hybrid solar inverter for photovoltaic systems manufactured by GEYA is very flexible. They are suitable for many kinds of pumps and are compatible with most solar panels. The dc mcb for the solar products also supports AC input to make the system run for 24 hours. They have 90% efficiency and have built-in MPPT technology. Furthermore. GEYA solar pump inverter includes functions like water level detection that automatically regulates the pumping to prevent the full
water level. They are cost-effective and easy to install with ten years’ experience in the market as the leading supplier.

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