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Smart Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

For industrial applications, GEYA Electric has been designing and manufacturing low-voltage electrical devices. Our current products include MCBsMCCBsRCDsSwitch DisconnectorsContactors, Relays, Timers, Distributor Boxes, and other low-voltage electrical and automation control items, as well as a variety of related accessories and components.

All GEYA products and services have aided people in working more safely, being more energy-efficient, and reducing emissions since its inception more than ten years ago.

GEYA provides long-term solutions that enable our customers to safely, efficiently, and reliably manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power. We offer more than 100 products that meet the most stringent international standards, including CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV, and Rosh. We also offer solar energy system applications such as solar charge controllers, solar pump inverters, and solar power systems. In addition, we focus on building long-term relationships with our customers by offering them support over any product-related problems.

In 2021, GEYA offers some of the most excellent smart circuit breakers. Check out our catalogue below to see all of the smart circuit breakers currently available.

GEYA Featured Smart Circuit Breaker

A smart circuit breaker may replace an existing circuit breaker or be installed alongside the existing circuit breaker with separate controls in your breaker box.

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GEYA Smart Circuit Breaker

An app can control all of your electrical appliances. These are now only a click away: island power supply, tower equipment, outdoor lighting, house power, field engineering, mountain amenities, and street light management.

  • Ergonomic design, work more efficiently.
  • Simulation thermal imaging design, lower temperature.
  • Principle of gas blowing arc, arc extinguishing faster.
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What is a Smart Circuit Breaker?

A smart circuit breaker is a circuit breaker that can perform the basic tasks of a circuit breaker, such as tripping the circuit in case of an electrical fault. At the same time, it provides remote control and real-time monitoring using modern Wi-Fi and software technology.

In addition, a smart circuit breaker does easy and efficient load management by optimizing a business or home energy consumption directly from the breaker. A smart circuit breaker fits right into your smart home and modern business. Homeowners and business owners alike could benefit from these devices.

Wi-Fi remote control circuit breakers are an example of such a device. When users use stable Wi-Fi and a correct internet connection, these intelligent circuit breakers can control the switch position in real time. Wi-Fi-controlled circuit breakers are of many types. GEYA offers fully remote-controlled Miniature Circuit Boards (MCB) in various models to fulfil any of your requirements.

How Does a Smart Circuit Breaker Work?

A smart MCB has the same protective and tripping mechanisms as a regular CB with Wi-Fi connectivity. Electricity is distributed by a load centre throughout the residential or commercial facility. It is fed into branch circuits. Each of which is protected by the breakers housed in the load centre or breaker box.

Smart Wi-Fi Circuit breakers help in protecting your gadgets and equipment remotely via Smartphone. Consequently, they are becoming a necessity for safeguarding both indoor and outdoor home electrical appliances simply anytime from anywhere against transient and permanent faults, including low and high-voltage issues, short circuits, earth defects, to name a few, and help in energy management at your facility.

General Specification and Features of Smart Wi-Fi Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs)

• Compared to regular MCBs, the highlighting feature is that these circuit breakers can be remotely accessed from anywhere using a mobile phone as they are connected to the Wi-Fi network.
• MCBs are compatible with applications such as WeChat applet, Google, Amazon, and other modern home assistant software. As a result, these breakers can be accessed and controlled by using your voice.
• They have a scheduled ON and OFF option using which you can control at which hours your breakers will close or open the circuit. This allows for proper energy management.
• Wi-Fi MCBs provide easy and efficient protection against load issues or short circuits.
• The typical features of a circuit breaker are present in this one, which includes protection against short circuits, over-voltage, over and under loads.

Benefits of Using Smart Wi-Fi MCBs

1. With increased access and control to the breakers, these devices enable a home or a business to become energy efficient.
2. They can be used with both regular and solar panel electricity supply with ease to protect both regular and panel systems.
3. These devices offer more safety than a regular breaker against electrical failures or defects such as short circuits, over or under loads, other load defects, and fluctuations.
4. You can switch off your electricity supply from anywhere in case of an electrical emergency or fault. In addition, if there is any fault in the circuit, a smart circuit breaker will help keep track of the data and fix the issue immediately.
5. With their mobile phone app on both android and iOS platforms, smart breakers have the tools to quickly check on any hazardous circuits and turn them off from anywhere using a Wi-Fi connection while also keeping their data at hand.
6. The option to schedule the timings for the circuits to operate will help you minimize any losses for the time you are not at the site of the breakers. Thus, better energy management with slights tweaks and updates.
7. As they help in energy management, these efficient devices can easily reduce your energy usage and, therefore, the energy bill of your home or your business. Whenever the electricity is not in use, we can easily turn it off to prevent any background losses of electricity. Homeowners, for example, can turn off their MCBs when they leave for work and efficiently manage their energy consumption.
8. Using a smart MCB, you can program to use equipment when the electricity rates are lower. This will support you in saving a huge cost in energy bills for both homeowners and business owners.
9. Overall, these devices help in having insights about the electricity in any of your facilities.

Installation of an MCB

Wi-Fi circuit breakers are manufactured exactly like normal circuit breakers with an additional Wi-Fi antenna and a switching mechanism for automatic ON and OFF operations.

The installation process is straightforward for both panel and regular electricity supply. Installation of a smart MCB is the same as a regular CB with input and output at left and right or top and bottom. Usually, the upper section is input, and the lower section is the output. Connecting the circuit breakers is a hassle-free task that does not require much labour per se. We can also use these devices with a solar panel system. If you have supply from coming from a panel, it can be protected by these devices in the same way.

After this, the circuits boards are linked to the same or Android app depending on your operating system or platform. This is done by pairing the circuit breakers directly from within the app. The app may be downloaded using a QR code provided with the product or directly from the app store of your operating platform.

After pairing, you will have real-time access to ON and OFF operations of the circuit breakers, their details, options to schedule them at all times as long there is a Wi-Fi connection, and keep track of all other data. Geya offers several different remote-controlled MCB and Auto Recloser Relays you can see below.

WiFi MCB Characteristic

  • Built-in anti-interference chip: it can prevent clutter interference on enhancing and stable receiving and transmitting WiFi signal.
  • Professional EMC full range test: ensure the safety and reliability of the communication process.
  • Impulse withstand voltage 6000V: to ensure that even in the case of overvoltage, still effectively improve the service life of the equipment.
  • EMC electromagnetic interference performance: the product remains intact after passing the electrical fast transient pulse group immunity test, surge test, electrostatic discharge test, and many more. 
  • High mechanical life: the product structure is still in good running condition after 120 opening and closing cycles per hour and 10000 operations
  • Quick closing function: improve the opening and closing performance, prevent overheating and ageing and extend the service life.

Safety Lock

In the following initial position, the circuit breaker has an anti-missing mechanism. The closing operation can regularly regulate this situation.

When the anti-missing mechanism is in the pull-out position, the circuit breaker will remain in the opening position, and the circuit breaker cannot be closed.

When the anti-missing mechanism needs to be reset to the original position, please operate as shown.


– It can be widely used in power grid terminal lines, such as meter boxes, new energy circuit management, PV solar control box, smart electricity, smart home, and new energy vehicle charging pile.

– It can be matched with MCB, remote switching, and splitting of MCB.

– Remote monitoring and control of MCB through RS 485 interface.

– With a manual or automatic selector switch.

– With mechanical or electronic double locking function.

– The shaft transmission mode is more stable and reliable.

– Can match other accessories.

– Work status is indicated by LED.


Auto Recloser Relay

Relays would not automatically reclose electrically operated circuit breakers. They limit the duration of power failures in many instances where faults clear themselves quickly. Most reclosing relays plan to close a breaker three times before locking it out. The interval between reclosures is predetermined. Lockout means that the relay would not function until manually reset after the third attempt fails to stay the breaker in. Such relays are often designed to work quite three times before locking out, with the number of reclosures counting on the necessities and style of the system.

Auto Recloser Operation

When the recloser detects a problem, it automatically shuts down the facility. The recloser turns the facility back on a fraction of a second later (the length of your time may only be observable as a lightbulb flicker). Even so, if the problem persists, it will be turned off again. If the problem remains after three attempts, the recloser is turned off and set to think about it indefinitely. A power company crew must first repair the line issue and then reset the recloser to restore power.

Examples of permanent problems include power lines or equipment damaged by lightning strikes, fallen tree limbs, or vehicle crashes.

Auto Recloser Function

Logic elements make up the auto recloser (AR) function. It works with the road protection functions’ trip output signals, the okay to close output signals from the synchro check and energising check functions and binary input signals. Binary input signals are usually employed to indicate the position and status of breakers and other external protective functions.  The auto recloser (AR) function’s primary role is automatically restoring electricity lines to service once disconnected due to fault conditions.

Auto Recloser Working Principle

An auto reclosers principle is likewise straightforward: when a fault is detected, the breaker trips. After that, the controller waits a predetermined amount of time before reclosing the breaker. If everything goes well, the process is considered complete; however, if the fault persists, the breaker trips again, and the controller recloses it for a second time after an additional delay, checking for the presence of the fault. If the fault persists after the second recloses, the breaker will trip again.

What Would Reclosers Best Suit Your Business?

The type of reclosers you use is specific to your business application. It is worth noting that they primarily separate the reclosers between medium and high-voltage applications. For medium-voltage usages, we recommend using three-pole types for a constant electricity supply. However, it is generally recommended to choose a single-pole alternative for high-voltage applications due to its stability. We have a variety of different styles and options available for all your different needs.

Suggested Type at a Three-Phase Line

A high-speed single-pole reclosing type device could be used at 220KV and 400KV transmission lines. These are particularly well-recommended for their stability. There are numerous other advantages to installing GEYA equipment and devices, including those listed below, familiar to all Auto Reclosers.

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GEYA Electrical Equipment Solution

At GEYA, we recognise the need of keeping all devices secure while still keeping your organisation competitive. GEYA products are CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV, and ROSH certified, with over ten years of expertise.

GEYA engineers also assist clients in selecting the appropriate materials depending on their needs. GEYA follows a strict quality electrical procedure as a leading Smart Circuit Breaker manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us if you require an affordable custom-design Smart Circuit Breaker today.

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