Repeat Cycle Timer

It is used for regular room ventilation, cyclic dehumidification, light control, circulating pumps, neon signs, etc.

GEYA Repeat Cycle Timer is used for regular room ventilation, cyclic dehumidification, light control, circulating pumps, noon signs and many more.

It is a solid-state ON/OFF housed in a DIN case with integrated circuits for the timing function. It has time ranges available in many combinations of ON and OFF periods.

GEYA Repeat Cycle Timer offers accurate microprocessor-based circuitry with solid state output.

On and off time periods have bit binary dipswitches adjustments in seconds, minutes or hours.

Our Repeat Cycle Timer is updated to simplify and meeting the user’s need. It increases the power supply anti-reverse function.

ModelGRT8 seriers
Function modeS: Asymmetric cycler
Number of contacts1:1×SPDT


Rated control supply voltageA230:AC230V

W240:AC/DC 12V-240V

Geya: Your Top Repeat Cycle Supplier

GEYA Repeat Cycle Timer has LED digits display, intelligent control and time delay/relay functions. This versatile self-powered time relay has a mode of operation, timing ranges and an easy to read 5-digit LCD display. It has a controller in any number of increments which automatically repeat each cycle daily or weekly. This unit may be programmed to skip weekends or any days. It can be switched on/off immediately without unplugging and without disturbing.

GEYA Repeat Cycle Timer has on/turn-off controller counts up and turns any piece of equipment on for a programmed time and off for a different programmed time. Repeat feature automatically continues cycling on and off programmed times until manually stopped.

Programmable for separate on and off timing periods. It is economical and friendly analog set timers with multiple time ranges and functions for every timing application.

At GEYA, we understand the need for keeping all devices safe, while making your business competitive. With over 10 years’ experience, GEYA products are certified CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV and ROSH industry standards.

Additionally, GEYA engineers help clients in choosing the best materials depending on the application. As a leading Repeat Cycle Timer manufacturer, GEYA adheres to a strict quality electrical process. Feel free to contact us for custom made and affordable Repeat Cycle Timer.