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GEYA is one of the manufacturers that specialize in manufacturing RCCB.RCCB is a highly critical component for giving protection to electrical circuits following the RCCB circuit diagram. Thus RCCB electrical devices are employed for monitoring a leakage in the current. GEYA has been recognized as the manufacturer company of high and low-voltage RCCB circuit breakers.

10 Million Times+ Testing
Customize Your Electrical Equipment

GEYA Made Residual Current Circuit Breaker

We are devoted to innovating for the greatest customer experience in a tough market. Upgraded from OEM & ODM to OPM service to suit every customer’s need while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Best Residual Current Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

GEYA has long years of experience in power transmission and distribution. Its initial aim has not altered, and it has worked tirelessly to obtain intelligently updated components of circuit breakers including the residual current circuit breaker and whole sets of switchgear. The corporation combines R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service. In recent years, our products have received extensive sophisticated updates, propelling us to the forefront of the industry.

Why Choose GEYA RCCB Supplier

 To ensure that your electrical installation is secure in the event of a problem, GEYA’s RCCBs integrate current detection and overcurrent protection. Our series of circuit breakers are superior to other products on the market in many ways since they have been completely tested for quality and performance.

Subtle Detection

GEYA’s RCCB works to detect any discrepancy between two currents flowing through both phase and neutral and trips the circuit within 30 milliseconds. Our RCCB series is capable of detecting smooth DC residual currents as well as high-frequency AC in addition to standard AC.

High Temperature Resistance

GEYA’s RCCB is reliable even at high temperatures, the flame-resistant body and cover do not melt or drip. Our RCCB has a high breaking capacity and an indication window for RCCB connection.

Insulation and Sealing

GEYA’s RCCB has short-circuit resistance and capacity is high for DP 10 kA and FP 6 kA. Every RCCB from GEYA includes a cover to protect the terminal screws for insulation and sealing purposes.

Your Reliable RCCB Expert

GEYA has progressively risen to become one of the top makers of electrical construction supplies in the country. Our purpose and objective are to continue to meet China’s rapidly rising housing demands by producing innovative, environmentally conscious, energy-efficient products of the highest caliber.

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