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Push Button Manufacturer

GEYA is a push button manufacturer in China that offers a different line of push button switches. Available with rated voltages of 24 to 60 VDC, 125 to 250 VAC, and current ranges of 50 mA to 12 A. Flat-pin plugs, gold and silver contacts, thermoplastic actuators and sockets, and other features can be found.

Leading Button Switch Manufacturer in The Electrical Equipment Market

When it comes to finding the top button switch manufacturer and distributor, the GEYA button has you covered. We offer many push button types that are used in a broad range of situations.

Latest Manufacturing Practices

GEYA button provides you the assurance of having a high-quality push button to be relied upon, from the combined strategic planning of choosing the suitable and premium materials to make push-button down to allocation and technology-based manufacturing process.

100% Tested Button Switch

GEYA offers products that meet the most stringent international standards, including CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV, and Rosh. GEYA will execute following the user's specifications to ensure high quality, excellent service, and rapid completion of delivery duties.

Making Tomorrow Different Today.

Energize Society With Premium Quality Push Buttons & Other Electric Products

We are one of the leading push-button suppliers that offer a large sales network that includes regional sales managers, local agents, and a large distribution network that is ready to fulfill your needs. We concentrate our efforts on offering a diverse range of switches, exceptional customer service, and quick response times.

Great Flexibility

GEYA push button switches are made of metal or plastic. Our push buttons are a new form of switch that was designed to make devices easier to use. Pushbuttons have altered the construction of switches, making them considerably more efficient.

Wide Application

Because of the degree of usefulness managed above other push buttons, GEYA push button switch are used in industrial, home, and commercial applications. Unlike a normal switch, which only performs one function, IGOYE push buttons may be linked to different mechanical applications.

Reduce Overall Cost

The GEYA push buttons use special sealing technology that makes it waterproof, oil-proof, and pollutant-proof as well as anti-static and resistant to contamination and interference which reduce overall cost.

Consultation & Planning

Made with the highest quality contents and advanced manufacturing procedures, IGOYE push buttons are carefully designed for optimal performance. By this, we can ensure that the push button can perform its duty to sustain the needs of your electrical system.

A Word Wide Supplier Of Electrical Equipment

Why GEYA is Your Best
Push Button Switch Manufacturer Choice

Wide Range of Electrical Products
Exceptional Customer Support
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Providing Value To Our Clients Through Ongoing Product & Innovation.
Projects And Systems Completed in 2022

In recent years, GEYA has been actively engaged in the national key projects, including the construction of substations and distribution stations

Patents and Certifications in Electric Industry

GEYA has more than 30 patents for products and technologies such as busbar, overvoltage arresters, and so on.

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We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and selecting equipments.

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Frequently Aksed Questions

Push buttons are a unique form of switch that aids in the control of numerous processes or operations in any system. The switches are frequently made to fit your fingers or hands so that you may easily control the devices. It is often tiny enough to fit anywhere. It is used to complete an electrical circuit. Push-button switches are required for machines or processes that use electricity.
Push buttons are normally constructed of plastic or metal, and the push button can be flat or ergonomically designed. There are several button switch versions available, with either momentary or latching operation.
Push-button switches are operated by a simple in-out mechanism. They can be used to either break (turn off) or turn on a circuit. Alternatively, they can give input for a piece of equipment’s user interface or start/stop a certain function.
The space required by pushbuttons in machines and switchboards is minimal. The buttons are considerably easy to press and much firmer. Push buttons are substantially less expensive than other switches in terms of price.
Push buttons are favored in industrial applications due to the additional functionality they provide over conventional switches. Unlike normal switches, which only perform one function, push buttons can be utilized to connect to other mechanical applications through linkages.

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