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W2R-2P Generator Automatic Transfer Switch for PV

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W2R-2P Generator Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for PV

Series dual power automatic transfer switches are newly developed miniature household power transfer switches. This switch is mainly used to test whether the normal or standby power supply is normal. When the normal power supply is abnormal, the backup power supply will work immediately to ensure the continuity, reliability, and safety of the power supply. This product is specially designed for home track TV installation and is specially used for the Pz30 distribution box.

Complies with requirements of Low-voltage Switch Gear and Control Gear specified by IEC 60947-6-1 and IEC60947-3: functional equipment and transfer switch equipment

Rated current le A16、20、25、32、40、50、63100
Insulation voltage UiAC 690V
Rated voltage UeAC 400V
GradeGrade PC: able to male and withstand, not to break short-circuit current
Use categoryAC-33iB
LifeElectrical: 2000times; Mechanical:5000times
Rated conditional short-circuit current lq50kA
SCPD (fuse)RT16-00-63A
Rated impulse withstand voltage8kV
Control circuitRated control voltage Us: AC220V,50Hz Correct working condition85%Us~110%Us
Auxiliary circuitAC220V/AC110V 50/60Hz
Contact transfer time<50ms
Operating transfer time<50ms
Return transfer time<50ms
Temperature range-5℃~+40℃ average temperature not more than 35℃ in 24 hours

Generator Automatic Transfer Switch

The Generator Automatic Transfer Switches are types of power generation devices that automatically switch between the primary power source and the secondary power sources of electrical power. It is used to transfer loads from the generator to the main power automatically after the alternate power source of the generator becomes stabilized. It takes a classic start-up mode and applies it to the generator. A transfer switch connects and disconnects a generator and the distribution system. It is precisely engineered to protect the generator and electrical load from overloads, power outage and power fluctuations caused by a commercial power failure or utility under-voltage condition. Therefore, it prevents unnecessary strain on the generator and prolongs its lifetime. This is done when the transfer switch detects a power outage and switches your home to generator power. Afterwards, it detects when the power is restored and switches your home to utility power.

Most automatic transfer switches are different from manual transfer switches. The main breaker in the electrical panel automatically opens and closes its contacts under the protective relays, controllers or supervisory systems control. The generator automatic transfer switch work precisely as a power management system that guarantees a continuous power flow and a protective shield against power failures. Transfer switches with multiple ratings provide greater application flexibility like the whole house transfer switch.

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