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VADM-2P Volt-Ammeter

50-500V AC

Built-in transformer  1-63A

External transformer1-100A


Din rail type digital display AC voltage and current dual display meter simultaneously displays the measured AC voltage and AC current on the same instrument. The instrument is equipped with a precision small transformer

1.Accuracy: 1%±2 words
2.Display Mode:0.32-inch Led ( AC voltage with red led and AC current with green led)
3.Range:AC voltage: AC 50-500V. AC current: AC 1-63A
4.Speed: 2 times per second
5.Size: 37×87×64mm
6. Bulge Size: 37(width) * 45 (height) * 16(thickness) mm
7.Installation Width: 2P (sum of width of two DZ47/C45)
8. Installation: Din-Rail

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