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Solar Energy Storage Cabinet

1.The appearance and color of this system can be customized 2.The battery capacity of this system can be expanded, and the product power can also be expanded, up to 40Kw 3.This system is suitable for indoor use, if you need outdoor use, it can be customized 4.lf you need this system to start the generator, you need to configure the VFD 5.This system can choose battery configuration within the capacity range

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  • It can automatically switch between Solar power, City power and battery power
  • Support APP and Wi-Fi remote monitoring
  • Adopt LED display to show the operating conditions of solar power, city power, battery, and load.
  • The excess solar power will directly enter the grid, increasing the return on investment
  • High cycle times lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Home smart energy management
  • There are two configuration options of single-phase and three-phase
  • Installation is simple, only need to have basic electrician knowledge to install and use
  • Modular components, easy to maintain and repair
Battery Capacity Range 5KWH-20KWH 10KWH–40KWH 15KWH-60KWH 15KWH-60KWH
MAX PV Array Power 5KW 10KW 15KW 15KW
MAX PV Array Open Circuit voltage 500VDC
MPPT Range /operating Voltage 120-450VDC
MAX Charge current 90A DC 180A 270A 270A
MAX efficiency 0.98
output waveform Pure sine wave
Phase electricity Single-phase Three-phase
Nominal output voltage 230V AC 400VAC
Nominal output current 23.9A AC 47.8A AC 71.7A AC 23.9A AC
Efficiency 0.935
Acceptable input voltage range 120V~280V 320V-480V
Frequency range 50/60Hz(Auto-sensing)
Battery mode output AC nominal
output voltage
230V AC 400VAC
Battery Charger
Battery Voltage 51.2VDC
Charge Voltage 57.6VDC
Overcharge Protection 59.2VDC
MAX AC Charge current 120A 60A 180A 180A
Automatic transfer time <15ms
Parallel function yes
Communication USB OR RS 232
Humidity 0-90%RH(No condensing)
Operating Temp 0~50℃
Size 600×800×1300 1150×800×1300 1150×800×2000 1150×800×2000
Max Weight 430KG 650KG 980KG 980KG


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