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Single Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay GRV8-02

Protect electrical equipment and motors from over-voltage and under-oltage. Normal/emergency power supply switching.

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Single Phase Monitoring Relay

GEYA Single Phase Monitoring Relay is a device intended for effective voltage automatic control and such equipment as home appliances and other devices in the home and office protection.

It is designed for the protection of single-phase load unallowable voltage variations in the mains. They have a wide range of adjustments, including power on time delay for protection on refrigerating, compressor, and air conditioning equipment.

GEYA Single Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay provides for automatic load energizing after voltage parameters recovery within predetermines time relay.

The relays are compact in size and weight. They can be utilized both as independent switching devices and as controls for other switching devices, like magnetic starters.

GEYA Single Phase Monitoring Relay performs the function of protection against voltage drops.

It is designed to de-energize an industrial appliance single phase in case of inadmissible voltage variations in the mains with subsequent automatic re-energizing after the circuit parameters recovery.

Loads are connected to the relay either directly via relay terminals or through a magnetic starter, depending on the wattage.


Technical parametersGRV8-01GRV8-02
FunctionMonitoring voltage
Supply terminalsA1-A2
Rated supply voltageDC12V,AC/DC24V-48V,AC/DC110V-240V,AC220V
Rated supply frequency45Hz-65Hz,0
Supply indicationgreen LED
Time delayAdjustable 0.1s-10s,10%
Measurement error≤1%
Run up delay at power up0.5s time delay
Konb setting accuracy10% of scale value
Reset time1000ms
Temperature coefficient0.05%/℃,at=20℃(0.05%℉,at=68℉)
Current rating10A(AC1)
Switching voltage250VAC/24VDC
Min. breaking capacity DC500mW
Output indicationred LED
Mechanical life1×107
Electrical life(AC1)1×105
Operating temperature-20℃ to+55℃(-4℉to131℉)
Storage temperature-35℃ to+75℃(-22℉to158℉)
Mounting/DIN railDin rail EN/IEC 60715
Protection degreeIP40 for front panel/IP20 terminals
Operating positionany
Overvoltage categoryIII.
Pollution degree2
Max.cable size(mm 2)solid wire max.1×2.5or 2×1.5/with sleeve max.1×2.5(AWG 12)
Tightening torque0.8Nm
StandardsEN 60255-1,IEC60947-5-1

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