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PV Grid Connected Combiner Box

Customized according to customer needs.

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Photovoltaic grid connected boxes (cabinets) are mainly used for household photovoltaic distributed grid connected power generation system, small industrial and commercial photovoltaic power generation systems, etc. Between photovoltaic Grid-tie inverter and power grid. The product can be tested for anti islanding protection, If there is a loss of voltage, closing, tripping, or low voltage in the power grid Grid overvoltage, input lightning protection, system overcurrent and other functions. The power grid automatically switches on when there is normal electricity. The abnormal power grid can automatically switch off to protect the inverter and photovoltaic system.


General Configuration Table:

1-1 GYBW1   PV Grid Connected Combiner Box
No. Component Name Unit Quantity
1 Photovoltaic dedicated reclosing circuit breaker piece 1
2 AC miniature circuit breaker piece 1
3 Surge Protective Device piece 1
4 shell piece 1
5 Disconnector piece 1
6 Ground bar piece 1
Total set 1

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