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Photovoltaic Fuse Holder GYPV-32

Ambient Temperature:-40 ℃ ~+90℃

Equipment installation height: less than 2000m (if exceeding this value, please specify the requirements, and the company will design according to the requirements)

Relative air humidity: less than 90%

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Photovoltaic Fuse Holder GYPV-32

This series of the fuse is suitable for solar photovoltaic power generation system, rated voltage to1500V, rated current to 630A, used in photovoltaic power generation equipment as a photovoltaic module string and photovoltaic array for overcurrent protection, and photovoltaic panels, and batteries connected in series and parallel, to charge variable flow system for short circuit breaking protection, in the photovoltaic station and inverter rectifier system for short-circuit breaking protection, as well as photovoltaic power generation system inrush current and short circuit fault voltage for quick break protection, rated breaking capacity to 10~50kA, products confirms to IEC 60629.1 and 60629.6.

Rated Voltage 1000VDC 1500VDC
Class of Operation gPV
Standard GB/T 13539.6 IEC 60269-6


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