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GYM9H-C MCB Mechanical Interlocking Accessory

Breaker mechanical interlocking MCB.

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1.Manually switching between commonly used and backup power sources, with simple structure, durability, and compact size.

2.The commonly used power circuit breaker, under the action of interlocking conversion accessories, automatically and quickly disconnects to ensure that two lines do not conduct simultaneously, and safely switch power at any time, playing a role in protecting the normal operation of power lines, electrical equipment, or other electromechanical equipment. Regardless of priority, both circuit breakers can achieve the above operations

Rated current (In) 6、10、16、20、25、32、40、50、63
Rated voltage (Ue) 240/415V
Working frequency 50/60Hz
Tripping curve B、C、D
Breaking capacity 10kA
Mechanical life 20000times
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 500V
Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uinp) 6kV

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