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Compact design high breaking capacity

remote automatic reclosing;

Intelligent timing



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Usage and precautions:

1. This product supports 2.4GHz wireless WiFi networks;

2. During the distribution network, pay attention to the distribution network button being in the distribution network state. After the distribution network is completed, shift to the working state;

3. The installation of this product must be carried out by a professional electrician for installation and debugging;

4. The product can be customized according to user needs, please contact relevant technical personnel for details.

Product model and definition:

Compliant with standard: GBT 10963 Product poles: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
Rated voltage: single-phase AC230V/three-phase AC400V 50Hz Rated current: preferably 20A, 32A, 63A, 100A
Tripping type: C-type (other types can be customized) Short circuit breaking capacity: Icu=Ics=6KA
Mechanical life: ≥12000 times Electrical life: ≥6000 times
Closing time: ≤1.5s Opening time: ≤1.0s
Overvoltage protection: overvoltage setting 250-350V~default value: 280V~; Setting value 0-10s Default value: 3s (setting value APP setting)
Under voltage protection: Under voltage setting 110-200V~default value: 165V~; Setting value 0-10s Default value: 3s (setting value APP setting)
Timing control: Enable/disable timing APP settings

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