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Compact design

High breaking capacity

Remote monitoring for better safety



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Product installation precautions:

1. Reverse connection of product inlet and outlet lines is absolutely not allowed;

2. After installing the product, check if the wiring is correct? Pay special attention not to connect N and PE incorrectly;

3. The leakage function of FSZNO1-PE product is not allowed to be turned off. Set the leakage parameter value to 30mA (recommended), which can be set to 30mA according to actual application scenarios;

4. For online products, please download and install the APP and scan the QR code on the product;

5. This product’s RS485 is a standard communication port that can be connected to computers and various communication devices through an RS485 to USB converter to achieve information exchange and control;

6. The default Baud of the device is 9600bps. You can view and set the required Baud in the set communication menu;

For 7G and 4G versions of products, a SIM card must be inserted before use to achieve remote information exchange control;

8. Product installation and debugging must be carried out by professional electricians;

9. This product can be customized according to user needs. Please contact relevant technical personnel for details;

10. For special purposes, please consult the manufacturer and service hotline;


Product model and definition:



Item Product Model
Standard GBT 16917 CQC1149 GBT 16917 CQC1149
Poles 2P4P 2P4P
Rated Voltage Single phase AC230V/three-phase AC400V 50Hz Single phase AC230V/three-phase AC400V 50Hz
Rated Current 32A63A100A 32A63A100A
Tripping Type C-type (other types can be customized) C-type (other types can be customized)
Short Circuit Breaking Capacity Icu=|cs=6KA Icu=|cs=6KA
Mechanical Life ≥12000times ≥12000times
Electrical Life ≥6000times ≥6000times
Close Time ≤1.5s ≤1.5s
Opening Time 1.0s ≤1.0s
Accuracy 1.0 1.0
Leakage action value 3050100200300500mA 3050100200300500mA

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