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GYR10 Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection(RCBO)

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Technical parameters parameter value
Rated voltage Ue 230V/400V,240/415V
Rated current In electronic 2P:6A~63A
electronic 4P:6A~40A
electromagnetic 2P:6A~40A
electromagnetic 4P:6A~40A
Rated sensitivity I△n 0.03A、0.1A、0.3A
Rated residual non-operating current 0.5I△n
Dc component case AC type、A type(except electromagnetic 4P)
Poles 1P+N/3P+N
Thermo-magnetic release characteristic B、C
Rated breaking capacity 6000A
Rated residual making and breaking capacity Im 500A
Residual current action breaking time table 2
Overcurrent protection characteristics Table 3  Figure1, Figure2
Mechanical electrical life Table 4
wiring Table 5
Tightening torque 2.0N.m
Overall  and mounting dimensions Table 6
Pollution levels 2
Protection grade IP20
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