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GYPV/4-1 DC Combiner Box

GYPV/4-1 combiner box is suitable for inverter (MAX input voltage DC 550V/DC1000V,4 PV input channel, 1 output channel, single MPPT inverter). The box is made of PVC engineering materials,with tests for fire retardant, temperature rise, anti-impact, anti-ultraviolet, and other testing.IP65 protection grade. Design and configuration strictly accordance with the “Technical specification for photovoltaic junction equipment ” CGC/GF 037:2014. Provide users with safe, brief, beautiful, and applicable photovoltaic system products.


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  • High reliability


With DC Surge Protection Device

With DC circuit breaker or DC load isolation switch.

  • Strong adaptability

lP65 design, waterproof, anti-dust, and anti-ultraviolet.

Strict tests for high and low temperature used widely.

The simple installation, the simplified system wiring, the convenient wiring.

The box body is made of cold-rolled steel and other metal materials.

  • Flexible configuration

Used for single crystal silicon solar modules, polycrystalline silicon solar modules, thin-film solar modules. The current rating of the photovoltaic fuse, circuit breaker, load isolation switch is modified.


Name GYPV/4-1
Electric parameter
System maximum dc voltage 550 1000
Maximum input current for each string 15A
Maximum input strings 4
Maximum output switch current 50A/63A
Number of inverter MPPT 1
Number of Output strings 1
Lightning protection
Category of test Ⅱ grade protection
Nominal discharge current 20kA
Maximum discharge current 40kA
Voltage protection level 2.8KV 3.8KV
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 630V 1050V
Poles 2P 3P
Structure characteristic Plug-push module
Protection grade IP65
Output switch Dc isolation switch(standard)/DC circuit breaker(optional)
MC4R Waterproof Connectors Standard
PV dc fuse Standard
PV surge protector Standard
Monitoring module Optional
Preventing diode Optional
Box material PVC
Installation method Wall mounting type
Operating Temperature -25℃~+55℃
Elevation of temperature 2km
Permissible relative humidity o-95% , no condensation
Mechanical parameter
Width x High x Depth ( mm ) 410×285×140


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