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GYM9H-125-10kA High Breaking Miniature Circuit Breaker

Functions and Applications

Overload, short circuit, isolation; Circuit breaker is suitable for industrial, commercial, high-rise and civil residential and other occasions.


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Product Feature

The GYM9H-125 series consists of plastic shell, operating mechanism, contact arcextinguishing system, trip mechanism, etc. The shell is made of special plastic with highflame retardant and high strength (DSM), which has strong impact resistance and lightweight. The parts of the circuit breaker operating mechanism are made of high-strengthplastic products and stainless steel materials, which ensures the lowest moment of inertiawhile ensuring sensitivity and reliability, so that the time from the short circuit fault to thetripping mechanism is very short. The trip mechanism consists of two parts: bimetaloverload reverse time trip mechanism and short circuit transient electromagneticmechanism. The contact arc extinguishing system adopts special arc leading Angle and arcextinguishing cham ber, has remarkable current limiting characteristics, and the breakingcapacity is up to 10kA.
The mechanical life of the circuit breaker is more than 10,000 times, and the electrical life is up to 6,000 times.

StandardIEC/EN60947-2、GB/T 14048.2
rated Current(In)10、16、20、25、32、40、50、63、80、100、125
Rated Voltage(Ue)1P:23/400V~;2P-4P:400V
Working Frequency50/60Hz
Tripping CurvesC、D
Breaking Capacity15kA(10A-63A), 10kA(80A-125A)
Tripping CurvesC(8.5In±20%)
Test current(A)1.05In


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