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GYM2 Miniature Circuit Breaker

GYM2 miniature circuit breaker(MCB) is mainly used for protection against overload and the short circuit under the AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage 230V/400Vand rated current from 1A to 63A. It also can be used for non-frequent on-and-off switch operation under normal circumstances.

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*In compliance with IEC /EN60898-1

*With indicator function in the contact position.

*Single busbar design.

*Maximum connecting ability of 25mm², wiring torque 3N*m,applicable to a variety of installing equipment, wiring stronger.

*The price-quality ratio is very high.

Electrical features
Rated current In 1-63A
Poles 1P 2P 3P 4P
Rated voltage Ue 1P:230/400V~  2/3/4P:400~
Insulation voltage Ui 500V
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated breaking capacity 4500/6000A
Rated impulse withstand voltage(1.2/50)Uimp 6kV
Dielectric test voltage at and ind. freq.for 1min 2kV
Pollution degree 2
Thermo-magnetic release characteristic B C D
Electrical life 4000
Mechanical life 10000
Contact position indicator Yes
Protection degree IP20
Reference temperature for the setting of the thermal element 30℃
Ambient temperature (with daily average s35C) -5~+40℃
Storage temperature -25~+70℃
Terminal connection type Cable/U-type busbar/Pin-type busbar
Terminal size top/bottom for cable 25mm²
Tightening torque 3.0N*m
Mounting On DIN rail FN 60715(35mm)
by means of a fast clip device
Connection Top and bottom
Combination with accessories
Auxillary contact Yes
alarm contact Yes
Shunt release Yes
Under-voltage release Yes



Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)Function Introduction Video



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