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GYM10 3KA Miniature Circuit Breaker

Product Feature

Double busbar,Single Busbar
Wiring Function Is Optional
With Transparent Identification Function
Contact Position Indication Function
Maximum Wiring Capacity 25mm²

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Technical parameters:

Pole number: 1P~4P;
Rated current: 1A-63A;
Breaking capacity: Ics=3000A; Standard GB10963.13)


① Arc extinguishing cover: The thickness of the arc extinguishing cover has been changed to 0.5mm, with an estimated cost reduction of 0.045 yuan per level (completed);
② Complete contact verification: Change from copper alloy to copper base point, with an estimated cost reduction of 0.03 yuan per level (completed);
③ The prototype of copper clad aluminum material has been verified, with an estimated reduction of 0.05 yuan per pole; (Completed)
④ 25A and below are expected to decrease by 0.19 yuan per pole.

Technical Specification
Rated Current(In) 1、2、3、4、6、10、16、20、25、32、40、50、63A
Rated Voltage(Ue) 1P:230/400V~;2P-4P:440V of 1P:240/415V~;2P-4P:415V
Working Frequency 50/60Hz
Tripping Curves B、C、D
Breaking Capacity 3000A
Poles 1P、2P、3P、4P
Mechanical Life 10000time
Electrical Life 6000time

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