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GYL9 A-SI RCD leakage Circuit Breaker

GYL9 residual current circuit breaker(withoutovercurrent protection)is suitable for AC 50Hz,rated voltage 240V for two poles,415V for fourpoles,and rated current up to 80A.It can quicklycut off the fault power in a very short time,to protect the safety of people and electrical equipment,it can also be used for infrequent switching of lines.
It’s suitable for terminal distribution lines incommercial office buildings,residential andgeneral industrial use.
Compliant with:IEC61008-1,GB16916.1


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Rated Operational Voltage  Un V 240/415V
Nominal Insulation Voltage  Ui V 500
Working Frequency Hz 50/60
Rated residual action current l△n mA 30、100、300
Rated impact tolerance voltage Uimp V 4000
1 min dielectric voltage V 2000
Rated limit short circuit current Inc kA 6、10
Rated limit Remaining short circuit current l△c kA 6、10
Rated on and off capacity  lm A 500A(25A,40A),或10In(≥63A)
Rated residual switching and breaking capacity l△m A 500A(25A,40A),或10In(≥63A)

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